Ya Done Good!

Ya Done Good!     11-4-18 Bottom Line: Encouraging one another is not an option, it’s a command from God. Introduction: A. There are a lot of obstacles to making a decision to dedicate your life to full time ministry. 1. A sense of unworthiness! I’m a sinner. 2. A question of capabilities. I’m I […]

I Deserve It!


I Deserve It!       10-28-18 Bottom Line: An ungrateful heart is a place without the Spirit’s flame. Introduction: A. Even in ministry, it’s often a challenge to be grateful! 1. Story: “I hope you didn’t take it personally, Pastor,” said an embarrassed woman after church service, “when my husband walked out during your […]

The Big Sleep


The Big Sleep      10-21-18 Bottom Line: If we don’t have the proper spiritual perspective about death, it can quench the Spirit’s fire. Introduction: A. Aging is universal and always new! 1. You’ve never been your age before! 2. Dumb thing to say, “When I was younger…” B. Aging is weird and difficult to […]

Thus Saith Me!


“Thus Saith Me!”     10-14-18 Bottom Line: Any form of legalism puts law above Jesus. Introduction: A. Ever fly coach when the First Class curtain is closed? 1. Can’t see what they are doing – can’t compare 2. You have been put in your place! B. Difference for Jews between the Court, the Holy […]

It’s All Mine!

“It’s All Mine!”       10-7-18 Bottom Line: Money is a gift from God what we must use to glorify Him. Introduction: A. How many movies have you seen where someone says, “Everyone has a price”? A classic line about human nature 1. A point or a place where they can be bought! 2. […]



Loser!               9-30-18 Bottom Line: In Jesus, God has completely changed the definition of failure and rejection. Introduction: A. David had some incredible low points as King. 1. Bathsheba & the death of his son… 2. Amnon rapes Tamar – Absalom kills Amnon 3. Separation and mourning for David […]

I’ll Get You…


“I’ll Get You…”     9-23-18 Bottom Line: Holding a grudge is not something a child of God can do and still have a walk with God. Introduction: A. One of the great stories of Genesis is Jacob and Esau 1. Twins but Esau was actually the first born 2. Esau was an expert hunter […]

Anything You Can Do..


“Anything You Can Do…”       9-16-18 Bottom Line: Sitting in judgment of others causes us to be at odds with them, ourselves, and with God. Introduction: A. What to Bilbo Baggins, David, and Jesus have in common? 1. They didn’t meet the expectations of others 2. Too small, too inexperienced, too young, too […]

You Owe Me!


You Owe Me!       9-9-18 Bottom Line: A spirit of entitlement is self-centered and un-Christlike. Introduction: A. We watched this year’s BA DVD this past week. 1. Excellent job by all – acting and singing 2. Forgot how so many songs were stuck in my head! * Rich spiritual praise songs * But… […]

Poison Peers


Poison Peers       9-2-18 Bottom Line: The people we choose to be with can bring us closer to God or destroy our faith. Introduction: A. Story of memories of Hurricane Irma in Florida… 1. Don’t expect that from a spouse, but… 2. Adam & Eve’s fall – he was there – she just […]