Our Members, Family & Friends

Sherry Bechtel – Has had a serious urinary tract infection and is undergoing a CT scan and other tests to determine what’s wrong.  Cards would be appreciated.
Katherine Wilbur – Thank you Lord for giving us another year and giving us a chance to become more like your Son.
Subrina Crockett – Pray for my daughter, Capriona, to find it in her heart to apologize to the one person who has always been there for her – her Aunt Evelyn.  And pray that Evelyn will learn to forgive her.  Pray that this year will be a better year for my family.
Holly Melchers – Her oldest brother had triple bypass surgery last week and it went great!  Surgery took considerably less time than anticipated.  Thank you for your continued prayers.
Doug and Glenda Breland – Please continue prayers for my sister, Vanessa Rhodes.  She’s out of the hospital, but still has serious medical problems.
Marian Reed – Please pray for my co-worker’s family on the passing of Leslie Creighton.  Also pray for the safe return of all students and staff to school/college.
Troy Knight (Michele Battle’s sister) – Had to undergo many tests last week.
Tom Tyree (Collette Teson’s brother) – Had back surgery last week.  Pray for healing.

Vicky (Cheryl Young’s mother) – Prayers have been answered!  Test results on thyroid lump showed no malignancies!  She thanks everyone for their prayers.
Janice Cross  – In the Life Care Center in Bridgeton, 12145 Bridgeton Square. See Church Bulletin for Janice’s Room Number & Phone info.


Our Sick & Shut-In

Evelyn Coleman, Willie Mae Coleman, Jim & Jo Doolittle, Theo Harrell, Angela McKeever, John Reed, John Rone & Steve Rone, Sarah Sharp, Jane Starling, Jeannie Thomas