Thanks for the Help    11-11-18
Bottom Line: We grow when we learn to appreciate those who have helped us mature in Christ.
A. Recent book series I read: A Town Called Fury
1. A young man & his sister travel west w/ their father
2. His plan: go to California then back east to school
3. Personalities and problems of a wagon train
4. Rustlers & robbers, internal strife, Indian attack when his father is killed.
5. Reluctantly takes lead: flooded rivers, bad towns, and more Indian attacks
6. New Mexico Territory: stop & stay, build town, name it Fury, for his Dad – attacked by Indians again
7. Nearly killed, elected Marshall – still has dreams but can’t leave his responsibilities when the town needs him
8. Helps save town from Mexican Bandits, outlaws, Indians, politics, and other threats
9. Never left – town hero & deeply loved by all
B. How many leaders fall into their job as leaders?
1. In Bible: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Peter and Paul
2. Deborah and Esther
C. When has someone given you help & guidance w/o being a boss or superior of some kind?
1. Friends, teachers, family
2. Brothers and sisters in Christ
D. We are what we are today because others helped us!
1. Co-workers like Paul’s helpers in Rom.16:21-24
2. Spiritual guides
E. One of the ways we build our Spirit flame is by appreciating those who help us and by being appreciated by those we help.
1. Paul talked about this in 1 Thessalonians 5:12-12
2. He touched on it in Romans 12:9ff – honor & respect
F. Paul gives us three simple challenges:
1. Honor those who work hard for you.
A. Pro athlete’s first purchase as millionaires
1. House for Mom and Dad
2. Rick Warren paid back all of his salary for 15 years
B. Who has worked hard for you?
C. How can you honor them?
* Jesus told a story about giving talents to people…
2. Respect their responsibilities!
A. Who has been responsible for you?
B. Who is responsible for your soul?
* Eph.4:11, evangelists, teachers, & pastors
C. Respect means seeing and recognizing what they do!
1. Care enough to notice and appreciate
2. Ebenezer Scrooge didn’t realize what a jerk he was…
3. Overwhelm them with appreciation and love!
A. No one is looking for it but everyone needs it!
B. Learn to be sensitive and appreciative
C. The personal joy of caring enough to appreciate & love
A. Who has been appreciated & honored too much?
B. Three challenges from Paul. Don’t we need to take them seriously and build our spiritual flame?
1. Who can you honor for their hard work?
2. Who can you respect for being responsible?
3. Who can you overwhelm with appreciation & love?
C. Are you a flame building or a flame quencher?