Survive Together!      11-18-18
Bottom Line: We are in a struggle together and we must support each other to survive.
A. There once was a rabbi who was curious about pork…
B. “You do what you have to – to survive!”
C. I loved the Survivor Show when it first came out!
1. Fascinating premise – survive, cooperate, & compete
2. Enjoyed first few years but, selfish interaction killed it
D. Often said, they would never make a Survivor Show with Christians!
1. Too boring watching people care & get a long
2. Kindness & curtesy aren’t entertaining today
E. Would we demonstrate Jesus or would be become like all the other Survivor Shows?
F. What if there was a Survivor Show with US?
1. What would we do?
2. How would we act and treat one another?
3. Would we survive?
G. Let’s do it! FCC Survivors! (Group & headbands)
1. Who are we?
A. Family: we are all children of God! 1 Jn 3:1-3
B. Friends: 1 Jn 3:2; Paul in 1 Thess.5 NIV & MSG mix!
C. Servants: We have a Master! Gal.6:2; & 1 Pet.4:8;
*Read Romans 12:9-21 from The Message
2. What do we need to do?
A. Live by our values! Are they real and important?
1. Love: stick together, help, care, & comfort
2. Equip: some know more than others, train, help, teach, keep each other positive & hopeful!
3. Support: NO ONE IS ALONE…
4. Celebrate: success, life, each other, and our rescue!
B. Everyone is needed and valuable! (1 Cor.12)
3. How will we treat each other?
A. We connect, care, & commit to one another! Vs.13b-14
1. We warn & gently encourage everyone to help!
2. We reach out & help those who are worn out!
3. We are patient with each other
4. We care about each other’s needs
B. We will not give in to stress & worry! Vs.15
1. Don’t lose your cool! (Don’t snap at each other)
2. Look for the good in each other!
3. Help each other grow and be better!
C. DON’T GIVE UP! (Fight the good fight of faith!)
1. Be cheerful! Be prayerful! Be thankful!
2. Don’t quench the Spirit! Let it work!
A. We need rescuing! Do you feel that way?
1. From worldliness (thinking) and sin!
2. From the struggles to survive!
B. Paul promised that we’d be rescued! Vs.23-24