My Building Story    12-30-18
Bottom Line: Our walk with God is a never-ending story of growing in Christ.
A. How many times where you asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”
1. Complete miscommunication: not “be” but “do”
2. Be = me; character choices? Job in only a part
3. Asked my kids when they were little: doctor, president, or CEO? Deborah said, “Vegetarian”
B. Just think about how your answer changed through the years – as you grew up.
1. Heroes and fantasy: Spiderman! Wonder Woman! Ninja Turtle! Ice Cream truck driver!
2. Older, cool jobs: Police, Fireman, Fighter Pilot, Astronaut, Rap Star!
3. HS & College? What pays?
C. “Be” assumes arrival! Finish! Become! Became!
1. Abe Lincoln grew up and became a lawyer & politician
2. Steve Jobs grew up…computer tech
3. Denzel Washington grew up…an actor!
D. “You’re going to be a great preacher!” at 25 no at 50!
1. I grew up and became a preacher of the gospel
2. I have been one for almost 50 years, but not there yet
E. Are you defined by what you became or what you’re becoming?
1. I am a graduate! Wow! For a while then so what!
2. I have a great job! Money! House! Family! So what…
F. The story of you is what you are becoming!
1. I am a babe in Christ! I am becoming a disciple of Christ!
2. Growing is becoming! Relying on what you became is dying!
G. Listen to Paul, the old warrior of the cross: Phil.3:7-12
1. A journey! A process of becoming like Jesus…
2. Paul never arrived but he never stopped becoming!
H. Even the story of Jesus includes growing and becoming
1. Luke 2:51-52, Jesus learned & grew = His story!
2. This says he grew like any normal person
I. To stop growing is to stop living – physical & spiritual
1. Our story must include growing intellectually!
A. Wasn’t he omniscient? Phil.2:7 “made himself nothing”
B. He learned from a human perspective his entire life!
C. Hunger & thirst after righteousness! Also knowledge!
1. Never stop learning and understanding!
2. AH-HA moments never stop for a seeker!
2. Our story must include maturity!
A. “stature” = can mean either physical growth or personal development!
1. He grew like any other person – but matured!
2. Understood his purpose early! (at 12?)
B. We must grow up! Grow out of immature choices!
C. Spiritual maturity leads to a peace with God…
3. Our story must include a real walk with God!
A. “Favor” = please; good reputation = God’s grace
B. Talk & thanks are vital to a relationship w/ God!
1. “What about obedience?” – This is obedience!
2. Real seekers want these! Love covers sin!
3. Remember the brothers sin the Prodigal Son
4. Awareness of God’s presence doesn’t cause sin!
C. This is a never-ending part of the story – seeing fulfillment with God for eternity!
4. Our story must include a good reputation with others!
A. Being liked is nice, but an example is precious!
B. Those early brethren: Acts 2:47, favor & additions!
C. We are our spiritual family’s support system!
1. 1 Cor.11:1; Follow my example…
2. Inspire and encourage like Jesus did!
A. What are you going to be when you grow up, Jesus?
1. A carpenter, like my Dad!
2. From 13-30? A better carpenter!
3. A hint at 12: “I must be about my Father’s business”
B. At the beginning of his ministry, he started telling his followers exactly what he was going to be…
1. John the Baptist, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” Jn.1:29
2. God said, “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”
C. What are you going to be, Jesus? The sacrifice for your sins!
D. He is asking us now, “What are you going to be?”