More Than Thanks     12-9-18
Bottom Line: Thankfulness is essential to our walk with God.
A. Remember how it felt when you finally understood Algebra?
1. Me either! Never got it – never cared!
2. When something is important you want to understand
B. We all have spiritual “ah-ha” moments if we care!
1. Do you remember yours?
2. I’m lost! I need Jesus! That’s what I need to do?
C. Discovering eternal truths – for yourself!
1. There have been many for me, most from trying to help others.
2. Mind blowing, life changing, ministry challenging
D. Some of my top light-bulb moments…
1. Discovering grace – understanding & explaining
2. Life worship – not one hour on Sunday
3. Preeminence of seeking God = faith
4. Reality of a relationship w/ God – the how of doing it
E. The most transformative discovery: The two most important essential elements in building a relationship with God…
1. Prayer & Thankfulness – 1 Thess.5:16
2. Talk to God? The how, when, and why
F. Media & celebrities talk a lot about prayer and thanks but not God! Not PC to talk about God! Three truths…
1. Thankfulness is more than appreciation!
2. Thankfulness is recognizing a power responsible for all things!
3. Thankfulness is the foundation of all spiritual qualities
* We can’t rise any higher than our thankfulness
* Fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5) Graces (2 Pet.1)
* Central throughout the Bible
H. Some things about thankfulness you need to know…
1. Thankfulness is a choice!
A. Our thankfulness often comes from others!
1. Family attitude – talk and practice
2. Hard to overcome family negativity
B. See light not darkness! 1 Jn.1:7; 2:9-11
C. Choose to listen to God not world or family!
1. Oprah: first thing every morning, Thank you! Grateful to be alive, present, and in a body. Grateful journal for yrs
2. Many CEO’s & successful develop a routine of thanks
2. Thankfulness is a state of mind!
A. Not situational but chronic! Deep roots of thankful!
* “all circumstances” = where you go w/ life!
B. Learning to be thoughtful & helpful = others!
* Foundation of our walk: Phi.2, Rom.12, 1 Thess.5
C. Part of developing the mind of Christ! Seeing like him.
* 10 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life!
3. Thankfulness is an essential part of seeking God!
A. Being aware of God’s presence!
B. Sensitive to His efforts!
C. Essential part of building a relationship w/ Him!
1. Always things to talk to Him about! Give thanks!
2. If you want to build a prayer life or a relationship…
3. Phil.4:6; Prayer & thanks lead to peace of God…
A. The peace that comes only from being authentic.
B. What is keeping you from being authentic?