Just A Little Talk With Jesus    12-2-18
Bottom Line: Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God.
A. Story: Stranded on a raining dark night…praying!
* Some things just aren’t an answer to prayer!
B. What is the most powerful and meaningful prayer in the Bible? Lord’s Prayer? David in Psalm 51?
C. A special reading of Luke 18:9-14:
D. What does the Tax Collector’s prayer say to you?
1. “God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” NIV
2. Sin, repentance, humility, faith, forgiveness, grace…
E. Why is prayer so difficult to understand…and do?
1. Formalism of public prayer, institutionalized rituals
2. Connecting w/ Spirit? No instant response or answer!
3. Religious church-speak! Don’t know the clichés
F. Prayer is simply talking to God!
1. NOT deciding to let Him in but recognizing His presence! He doesn’t force himself on anyone!
2. He is omniscient but talking makes a relationship!
G. I am not an expert in prayer! I am not a freshman either!
1. Remember the difference being a freshman vs. Senior
2. There is a lot I don’t fully get – like JT Robinson says, “There are three kinds of people in the world…those who are good at math, and those who aren’t.”
3. There are three kinds of people who pray. Those who do and those who say they do!
H. Let’s talk about three valuable truths about prayer…
1. Talking to God is the single most important part of building a relationship with Him!
A. Why? There is no relationship w/o communication!
1. If you don’t communicate you speculate!
2. Is your relationship w/ God built on speculation?
B. What is the difference between the Prodigal son in the pig pen and the Prodigal son in his Father’s arms? (Lk.15)
1. Theory vs. reality! Thinking vs. Talking!
2. Reunion & forgiveness comes from talking!
C. Communicating connects – that is why it’s so essential!
1. Talk continually: 1 Thess.5:17
2. Talk thankfully: See what God has done & doing!
3. Talk Expectantly: James 1 w/o doubting! LISTEN!
4. Talk Trustingly: Believe God knows what is best!
* Prayer for our walk with God!
2. Talking to God is the single most important act of faith in our life!
A. Religious action is often about man not God!
1. Jesus dealt w/ this in person: Matt 6 “seen of men”
2. Prayer is faith! Especially when no one is around!
B. In the New Covenant, we are the dwelling place of God
1. God’s priests and God’s temple – 1 Cor.6:19-20
2. Mark 11:1-19, His house was a house of prayer!
C. Prayer is the foundation of worshipping God in spirit and in truth. John 4
1. Jesus called for us to have a relationship w/ God…
2. Mk 9:14-29, “help my unbelief” “only by prayer”?
D. Prayer is how we develop an awareness of God’s presence!
* Prayer for our faith! Help our unbelief!
3. Talking to God as a couple can be the most important marriage bond you can use!
A. Grow together in your walk with God!
B. It allows you to step outside of your relationship when there is a need for healing and help!
C. Shared experiences build unity and closeness!
1. Choose it! Make it a high priority in your marriage!
2. Stay committed to it & stay married!
* Prayer for our marriages & our vows to God!
A. What does Jesus teach us about talking to God when he was in the Garden just before his crucifixion?
1. Nothing matters more than talking to God!
2. Closest friends may not understand but God does!
3. Be persistent! Why pray three times? Did he hear no or just remember what they had decided before creation.
4. He knew his Father was present and had a plan!
5. He knew why his Father wasn’t present while on the cross. It hurt to be separated from Him.
6. “It is finished!” Was this said to God?
B. Stand and pray: Let’s pray about prayer!