More Than Thanks!


More Than Thanks     12-9-18 Bottom Line: Thankfulness is essential to our walk with God. Introduction: A. Remember how it felt when you finally understood Algebra? 1. Me either! Never got it – never cared! 2. When something is important you want to understand B. We all have spiritual “ah-ha” moments if we care! […]

Just A Little Talk With Jesus


Just A Little Talk With Jesus    12-2-18 Bottom Line: Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God. Introduction: A. Story: Stranded on a raining dark night…praying! * Some things just aren’t an answer to prayer! B. What is the most powerful and meaningful prayer in the Bible? Lord’s Prayer? David in Psalm […]

Heart Smiling!


Heart Smiling!     11-25-18 Bottom Line: The joy of the Lord is something the world can’t understand. Introduction: A. The farmer’s son returning from the market… 1. With a crate of chickens his father entrusted to him 2. Box fell & broke open, chickens scattered 3. “I managed to find all twelve of them!” […]

Survive Together!


Survive Together!      11-18-18 Bottom Line: We are in a struggle together and we must support each other to survive. Introduction: A. There once was a rabbi who was curious about pork… B. “You do what you have to – to survive!” C. I loved the Survivor Show when it first came out! 1. […]

Thanks for the Help


Thanks for the Help    11-11-18 Bottom Line: We grow when we learn to appreciate those who have helped us mature in Christ. Introduction: A. Recent book series I read: A Town Called Fury 1. A young man & his sister travel west w/ their father 2. His plan: go to California then back east […]

Ya Done Good!

Ya Done Good!     11-4-18 Bottom Line: Encouraging one another is not an option, it’s a command from God. Introduction: A. There are a lot of obstacles to making a decision to dedicate your life to full time ministry. 1. A sense of unworthiness! I’m a sinner. 2. A question of capabilities. I’m I […]

I Deserve It!


I Deserve It!       10-28-18 Bottom Line: An ungrateful heart is a place without the Spirit’s flame. Introduction: A. Even in ministry, it’s often a challenge to be grateful! 1. Story: “I hope you didn’t take it personally, Pastor,” said an embarrassed woman after church service, “when my husband walked out during your […]

The Big Sleep


The Big Sleep      10-21-18 Bottom Line: If we don’t have the proper spiritual perspective about death, it can quench the Spirit’s fire. Introduction: A. Aging is universal and always new! 1. You’ve never been your age before! 2. Dumb thing to say, “When I was younger…” B. Aging is weird and difficult to […]

Thus Saith Me!


“Thus Saith Me!”     10-14-18 Bottom Line: Any form of legalism puts law above Jesus. Introduction: A. Ever fly coach when the First Class curtain is closed? 1. Can’t see what they are doing – can’t compare 2. You have been put in your place! B. Difference for Jews between the Court, the Holy […]

It’s All Mine!

“It’s All Mine!”       10-7-18 Bottom Line: Money is a gift from God what we must use to glorify Him. Introduction: A. How many movies have you seen where someone says, “Everyone has a price”? A classic line about human nature 1. A point or a place where they can be bought! 2. […]