Simon of Cyrene

Simon of Cyrene                                       6-16-19 Bottom Line:  Whatever the reason, meeting Jesus should change our lives. Introduction:  A. Jeopardy has been on TV for over 35 years!    1. Love it, record it, & never miss it unless it’s preempted    2. Latest star – James Holzhauer – $2,464,216 – 33 shows           *32 game winning […]

The Centurion

The Centurion                                                  6-9-19 Bottom Line:  Even though he only had one line in the Bible, we can still learn something from him. Introduction:  A. Our favorite family movie can be identified by one line.  “Have fun storming the castle!”  B. Many famous movies can be identified by one line:           * Famous Movie Quotes  C. […]

The Jesus Ladies

The Jesus Ladies                                  June 2, 2019 Bottom Line:  Godly living is built on making the right choices life. Introduction:  A. One of my favorite teacher was Miss Charlotte Smith    1. Four years of English Lit & Grammar – Read & write!    2. Chorus director – singing, quartet, and a passion  B. Every child […]


Barabbas                                                       5-26-19 Bottom Line:  Barabbas represents everything that was done for us by God. Introduction:  A. Matthew 27:11-26 Reading and prayer  B. The Bible is full of interesting characters that we know very little about.  Who are some characters that you’d like to know more about?  C. Play: about people in the crucifixion story that […]

Skeletons in The Church Closet

Skeletons In The Church Closet An Honest Conversation About Church-Approved Sins One of the first disasters I ever witnessed on live television was the __________ of the __________ __________ __________. It wasn’t something huge…a small device relative to the size of a space shuttle. So, is there a lesson here for the church? What if […]

Women of God

Women of God                                           5-12-19 Bottom Line:  We must represent God no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. Introduction:  A. There has been a lot of men who have helped me learn about being a real man.    1. Godly men who taught and set the example    2. The best example of the Spirit […]

The Joy of My Salvation

The Joy of My Salvation                              5-5-19 Bottom Line:  The blood of Jesus cleanses us initially, but also continually. That’s how grace works. Introduction:  A. Hello. My name is Mike Root and I’m a sinner.    1. Always have been and always will be!    2. God loves me anyway!  B. Our struggle to fix things […]

Submit to One Another


Submit to One Another                            4-28-19 Bottom Line: Second only to love, submitting to one another is one of the most Christ-like things we do. Introduction:  A. One of my most favorite movies as a kid was The Horse Soldiers. A John Ford movie w/ John Wayne & William Holden. (1959)    1. Loosely based on […]

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen!                                                      4-21-19 Bottom Line: Everything we believe and hope for completely depends on the reality of the resurrection. Introduction:  A. We all had times when we believed something but were wrong.  It’s part of learning and growing.    1. I knew the Cards game was on channel 35 – Donna said 37 FMW!  […]

Forgive One Another

Forgive One Another                                  4-14-19 Bottom Line: We must remove resentment from our heart if we seek a relationship with God. Introduction:  A. When Adam and Eve left the garden, they weren’t the new family in town!    1. They were the only family & there was no town!    2. Everything was starting from scratch! […]