Anything You Can Do..

“Anything You Can Do…”       9-16-18 Bottom Line: Sitting in judgment of others causes us to be at odds with them, ourselves, and with God. Introduction: A. What to Bilbo Baggins, David, and Jesus have in common? 1. They didn’t meet the expectations of others 2. Too small, too inexperienced, too young, too […]

You Owe Me!


You Owe Me!       9-9-18 Bottom Line: A spirit of entitlement is self-centered and un-Christlike. Introduction: A. We watched this year’s BA DVD this past week. 1. Excellent job by all – acting and singing 2. Forgot how so many songs were stuck in my head! * Rich spiritual praise songs * But… […]

Poison Peers


Poison Peers       9-2-18 Bottom Line: The people we choose to be with can bring us closer to God or destroy our faith. Introduction: A. Story of memories of Hurricane Irma in Florida… 1. Don’t expect that from a spouse, but… 2. Adam & Eve’s fall – he was there – she just […]

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind!”      8-26-18 Bottom Line: Just because others don’t see our sins, it doesn’t change the nature of sin in our life. Introduction: A. Why are we surprised that we really don’t know people like we think we do? A common refrain on the news! 1. Man steals a […]

It’s My Fault!

I DID IT!                8-19-18 Bottom Line: Guilt is a tool from God to help us recognize a problem in our spiritual walk with Him. Introduction: A. Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be king!” but not always. 1. For a period, David was a bored, self-centered control freak! […]

What If?

What If?       8-12-18 Bottom Line: One of Satan’s most powerful tools for destroying the spirit in our life is doubt. Introduction: A. Familiar stories of doubters: 1. Angels tell Abraham and Sarah they will have a baby! * They laugh & doubt – Hard to swallow! 2. The apostles are in a […]