HOW TO: Greet One Another

HOW TO: Greet One Another            2-14-19 Bottom Line:  Greeting with a holy kiss is the expression of a deeper, more important, principle of love. Introduction:  A. We live in a time of great confusion and division.    1. Exaggeration, generalization, & hyper-critical judging    2. Can’t agree on right or wrong; good verses bad…  B. […]

Visible Viable Values


Visible Viable Values                             2-10-19 Bottom Line:  We either live by our values or we are hypocrites. Introductions:  A. We had another amazing Marriage Retreat!  B. We are all excited, renewed, and wish you were too!  C. Why did I go to the marriage retreat (I had to!)    1. I wanted to have fun and […]

My Story My Smell


My Story My Smell                                          1-27-19 Bottom Line:  Becoming the aroma of Christ means we are growing, and showing we belong to Him. Introduction:  A. I love the English language!  Someday I’ll understand it.    1. It is one of the most difficult languages to learn.    2. Every rule has many exceptions! (I after e, […]

My Story’s Ending


My Story’s Ending                                          1-20-19 Bottom Line: Only God can give a happy ending to our life’s story. Introduction:  A. A story from my life in 1968:    1. A small slice of one year – a smaller slice of one life    2. Told part of it once and JD was shocked & surprised  B. […]

My Story For Others


My Story For Others                      1-13-19 Bottom Line:  We have been called to witness and share our story about Jesus with others. It is what love does! Introduction:  A. The problem with extremes battling it out, is the loss of the larger group caught in the middle.    1. Kids in a divorce = hurt & […]

God’s Story

God’s Story                                                  1-6-19 Bottom Line:  We can’t have a relationship with God if we don’t understand Him.  He wants us to know Him! Introduction:  A. Who are some people that you just don’t understand?    1. Politicians who divide, attack, and generalize    2. House buyers who are picky or pet obsessive  B. How about […]

My Building Story


My Building Story    12-30-18 Bottom Line: Our walk with God is a never-ending story of growing in Christ. Introduction: A. How many times where you asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” 1. Complete miscommunication: not “be” but “do” 2. Be = me; character choices? Job in only a part […]

The Jesus Story


The Jesus Story    12-23-18 Bottom Line: Jesus’ story is the only story that changes our life and is never ending. Introduction: A. A widow goes to the local newspaper office to have an obituary placed for her recently departed husband… 1. Editor informs: 50 cent charge per word, pause-reflect 2. She says, “Let it […]

Our Story


Our Story    12-16-18 Bottom Line: Our journey to follow Jesus is part of the message we can share with others. Introduction: A. Steve’s story: Acts 6 & 7 1. A time of amazing growth, 6:7 2. Led to a great persecution and scattering, 8:1-2 3. vs.4 “Wherever they were scattered, they preached the message […]