Listening Tip for Immerse Bible Readings

Listening Tip for Immerse Bible Readings

Do you want to listen to the Messiah readings? There are a few ways to do so.

On your smartphone or tablet or desktop computer, download The Bible App and open the application. Choose the NLT Version, navigate to the day’s reading, and click on the microphone picture in the upper right. The Bible App will read the chapter to you with different voices for each character in the story.

The first week’s readings from Messiah:

Monday – Luke 1

Tuesday – Luke 2-4:13

Wednesday – Luke 4:14-6

Thursday – Luke 7- 9:50

Friday – Luke 9:51-11:36

You can also listen in on the Messiah Resource Page, subscribe to the Messiah podcast, and watch a video made for each week.