Church Ministries

The table below list all of the current ministries in operation at Florissant Church of Christ. If interested in joining or obtaining more information about a ministry, please contact the individual "Assigned To" that particular ministry. 

You may obtain a Church Phone Directory from the Church Welcome Center. This document will contain all of the appropriate contact information for any of the individuals assigned to these ministries.

ADMIN Overseers: Ron Ebker, Ken Fester, Austin Hollins, Jerry Judd, Bill Lloyd, Cary Paul, Ken Teson, Jerry Williamson

Personnel Committee: Cary Paul, Ron Ebker, Austin Hollins

Category  Ministry  Functional Areas  Assigned To:
 ADMIN  Budget/Financial    Cary Paul
 Check Authorization  Austin Hollins
     Contribution Processing  Jerry Judd
     Insurance  Bill Lloyd
     Accounting  Cary Paul
   Building Maintenance    Ken Teson/Ken Fester
     Equipment Property  Ken Teson/Paul Parrett
     HVAC  Steve Jantz
     Mowing Grounds  Ken Teson/Paul Parrett
   Personnel    Ron Ebker
     Janitors  Austin Hollins
     Ministers  Personnel Committee
     Office Personnel  Personnel Committee

Budget & Financial Ministry is responsible for the control and distribution of church income, Check authorization, Contribution processing, Insurance, and Accounting.

GROWTH Overseers: Austin Hollins, Patrick Jackson, Anthony Lewis, Cary Paul, Mike Root, Donna Root

Category  Ministry  Functional Areas  Assigned To:
GROWTH  Small Groups    
 Bicycle Ministry  Rick McLane
     Golf Ministry  David Judd
     Prime Timers  Ken Teson/Paul Parrett
     Young Adults  Steve Holloway
    Women's Prayer Breakfast  Jeri Worth
   New Member/Visitors  
     Orientation  Matt DeRouen
     Visitor Outreach  Art Matthews

EDUCATION Overseers: Austin Hollins, Patrick Jackson, Anthony Lewis, Mike Root, Donna Root, Jerry Williamson

Category  Ministry  Functional Areas  Assigned To:
EDUCATION  Programs/Facilities    
 Library  Iona Hollins
     Supply Room  Wanetha Ebker/Teresa Dorn
   Bible Classes  
     Adult  Cary Paul
     Junior Dept  Mike McBain
     Teen     Jerry Williamson
   Children's Ministry    Donna Root
     Family Factory  Melanie Wiginton
     Nursery/Childcare  Natalie Harris
     Preschool/Toddler  Natalie Harris
     Primary  Valarie McBain
     Toddler Worship  Natalie Harris

OUTREACH Overseers: Matt DeRouen, Leonard Payne, Mike Root, Jerry Williamson

Category  Ministry  Functional Areas  Assigned To:
OUTREACH  Benevolence/Outreach    
 Bible Action  Mike Root
     Camps and Retreats  John Young
 Clothes Closet  Willa Rossio
     Craft/Scrapbooking  Sandee Holloway
     Food Pantry  Paula Jones
 Learning Center  Ken Fester
     Local Benevolence  Josh McCutchen
     Room at the Inn  Norma Nelson/Willa Rossio

   Support Programs  Grief Share Doris Burks/Faye Williams
     Healthcare  Faye Williams
     Hospitality  John Young
     Prayer Ministry  George Barnes/John Worth
     Second Saturday  Whitney Zahler
     World English Institute  Doretha Lee
     World Bible School  Doretha Lee

   Christian Academy
Leonard Payne/Vicki Judd

   Christian Family Services
Cary Paul/Anthony Lewis

 Dewayne Donley

WORSHIP Overseers: Matt DeRouen, Leonard Payne, Mike Root, Stan Williams, Jerry Williamson, Danny Younger

Category  Ministry  Functional Areas  Assigned To:
WORSHIP  Assembly Planning    
 Baptistry  Steve Hessel
     Communion Preparation  Paul Saracino
 Communion Servers  Paul Saracino
     Nursery  Natalie Harris
     Sound System  Mike Ward
 Tape/CD Ministry  Milo Hamilton

   Assembly Support

    Fellowships/Special Events  John Young
     Greeters  Norma Nelson/Cathy Williamson
     Showers (Wedding/Baby)  Joyce DeRouen
     Sign Language  Donna Root
     Sign Advertising  Dorothy Lloyd/Erika Williams
     Statistics  George Klein
     Welcome Center  Norma Nelson/Cathy Williamson
Baptistery - Clean and Control Operation.
Communion Preparation - Organize people to serve communion and prepare trays.
Nursery - Organize staff during worship.
Sound System - Maintain sound system, organize operators for services.
Tape/CD Ministry - Record sermons and make available to visitors and members.
Communication/Website - Maintain and organize website.
Communication/Special Events - Organize events and food.
Greeters - Schedule people to greet at entrances on Sunday.
Baby/Wedding Showers - Organize events, Purchase gifts financed by individuals in the congregation.
Sign Language - Train and provide interpreters for services.
Sign/Advertizing - Introduce events through media and church sign board.
Statistics - Count class and worship service attendance.

Library - Organize and Maintain Library.

Supply Room - Supportive Materials for Bible Class Teachers.

Bible Classes - Organize Teachers & Curriculum for Adult, Teen, and Junior Department (Grades 3-6).

Children's Ministry - Organize Curriculum and Teachers for Family Factory, Nursery, Preschool, Toddler, and Primary (Grades 1 & 2)
Benevolence/Outreach - Bible Action - Musical
Camps & Retreats - Coordinate Schedules & Budget
Clothes Closet - Distribute Clothes to needy
Craft/Scrap Booking - Coordinate Meeting & Building Usage
Food Pantry - Collect & Distribute Food to needy
Learning Center - Daycare
Benevolence - Financial Assistance to People in Need
Room at the Inn - Food, Housing, Clothing to Homeless

Grief Share - Provide Support to Grieving People

Health Care - Nurse support, Blood Drives, Medical Attention

Hospitality - Food & Coordination for Special Events

Prayer Ministry - Prayer Warriors - Support for all Situations

Second Saturday - Provides Workers to Meet Individual and Community Needs

World Bible and English Institute - Teaching Thru Correspondence Courses

Christian Academy - School for Ages K thru 12

Christian Family Services - Christian Counseling, Foster Care and Adoptive Services

Missions - Support Local & Foreign Missionaries