Sermon Notes

Mark: The Good News, Mark 14:53-65  3-26-17

Bottom Line:  Our primary task as a family of God is to keep our focus on Jesus.



A. Church is not a location, it’s an identification!

   1. God adds us to it and we each are part of the body of


   2. God wants his body to get together.  Why?

   *Encourage, Heb.10:25; Edify 1 Cor.14:26; Equip


   *Goal: Grow in love and Christ-likeness, Eph.4:15-16

 B. How? Like they did in the New Testament times?

   1. Acts 2:42-47  Looks just like us!

   2. We need to make some changes!  No Bibles, no

       Sundays, Church buildings, Bible classes, LS in a

       meal, Giving more (sell, share, house-to-house,

       more meals, etc.) = How can I help? Give?

 C. What did they do?  Focused on Jesus!

   1. The assembly of saints is a tool from God to help us

       stay focused on Jesus.

   2. The communion is a tool from God to help us help one

       another stay focused on Jesus.

   3. Paul’s primary message in all his letters was stay

       focused on Jesus.

   4. The gospel is Jesus – Mark is the gospel – Mark is

       focusing on Jesus

 D. Mark 14:53-65, It’s not just the arrest of Jesus, it’s Jesus being arrested to save us!

   1. The giving started before creation, but now it’s building to the final sacrifice on the cross

   2. Before we give – let’s look briefly at vs.53

1.  They came together because of Jesus! (vs.53)

 A. All religious leaders united over Jesus! Sounds nice.

 B. Religious people united in opposition to him!

 C. We are here, united in support, obedience, and in remembrance of Jesus.  We give to show love & honor!

*Prayer for the contribution & passing baskets

2.  Peter followed at a distance! (vs.54)

 A. Keeping his distance from being associated w/ him!

 B. Preferred sitting w/ the guards & warming himself

 C. The Lord’s Supper pulls us right up to the front of what Jesus did for us.

*Prayer and serving of the Bread

3.  Looking for evidence against Jesus!  (vs.55-56)

 A. The agenda was putting him to death!

 B. The liars couldn’t even agree!

 C. What is your evidence against Jesus?

   1. Rationale for being uncommitted & uninvolved?

   2. Unmoved & uncaring about remembering his death?

*Prayer and serving of the wine

4.  Twisting the words of Jesus!  (vs.57-59)

 A. “We heard him say…” – out of context

 B. Using scripture to justify our opinions or preferences

 C. Word twisters can’t agree = different agendas!

5.  Demanding answers from Jesus!  (vs.60-61a)

 A. He knew what their agenda was so he didn’t answer!

 B. We can’t force Jesus to answer or support anything that violates God’s will!

 C. When Jesus is silent, we need to rethink things!

6.  The only question that matters!  (vs.61b-62)

 A. “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?”

 B. If he is, what should that mean for us? He says he is!

 C. What question do you have that is more important? More relevant?

7.  “What do you think?”  (vs.63-65)

 A. They all condemned him as worthy of death.

 B. They spit, hit, slapped, and abused the Son of God!

 C. Not us!  Never!  Remember Hebrews 10:26-31


A. FB posts about abused & mistreated pets or children!

B. Biblical post about Jesus being mistreated? His Body?  His church?  Outrage or guilt?

C. Jesus gave grace to those who did it!  He gives grace to those of us who do it too!