Sermon Notes

Families Stick Together,   Acts 2:42-47,   6-17-18

Bottom Line:  God’s plan was for His people to get together and help each other grow in love.


 A. 1960 had two of my most favorite movies came out.  The Alamo and Swiss Family Robinson by Disney.

   1. Based on an 1812 novel – Swiss was a tale of a ship-wreaked family building a home tropical island

   2. Using salvage from the ship – livestock, tools, parts, lumber, beds, furniture, guns, cannon, & even an organ.

   3. Amazing tree house – beautiful, full of inventions

   4. Incredible adventures in a gorgeous setting – proclaimed it “New Switzerland” -  animal race, elephant, ostrich, zebra, & monkey on Duke, one of two Great Danes they rescued

   5. Adventures, fresh new start, paradise – until the pirates return - fight them off & rescued

 B. What a dream?  Be part of something adventurous, new and fresh!  We read about it in Acts 2!

   1. That’s exactly what those first Christians were part of

   2. New Covenant!  New Church!  New Everything!

 C. Ironic that it started at an event that was centuries old and all about renewing their Old covenant with God!

   1. 50 Days after Jesus was crucified just Passover Feast

   2. 50 days after Easter – for Jews, 7 weeks and one day after the Feast of Unleaven Bread (Deut.16:9) – Called the Feast of Weeks – traditional feast & pilgrimage to Jerusalem – huge crowds. Tens of thousands in Jerusalem!

 D. Great time to challenge everyone to change everything

   1. The Holy Spirit got their attention – signs to Jews

   2. Sound, fire, tongues speaking = got a crowd

 E. Peter preaches the first Gospel sermon!

   1. Prophecy of that day! Prophecy of Messiah!

   2. Fulfillment in Jesus of Nazareth – whom they killed

 F. Interrupted and asked a question about salvation!


   1. Repent = we were wrong – we are sinners

   2. Be baptized = committing to a new covenant

   3. Receive forgiveness of sins and the Holy Spirit

 G. The result:  A brand new family of God = church

   1. A radical change – even though many didn’t see it

   2. A clean slate to start a new church – 3000 members

   3. Acts 2:42-47, What jumps out at me – three words!

1. Simplicity!

 A. What did they know?  Jesus was the Messiah and how to become a follower of Him!

 B. What did the “apostles teaching” include? What He taught them!  Nothing else: pre-Paul event; Post Paul writing! Could have included all kinds of things, but…

 C. Where did they meet? Temple and homes! Then just homes, as the church was later seen as a threat!

 D. When did they meet?  Whenever they could!

2.  Unity!

 A. They were together in one another’s homes

 B. They ate together – “break bread” (Lord’s Supper or a shared meal?  Yes!)

 C. They loved one another = sacrificing to help

3.  Faith!

 A. Devoted to teaching & fellowship

 B. Filled with awe – seeing what God does!

 C. Glad and sincere hearts – attitude of thankfulness

 D. Praising God!  All the time?  If you are happy about grace!

 E. Enjoying the favor of all – people love to see love – and devotion

 F. The Lord added – He does the work, we walk the walk!


A. What happened?  Why do we not see this today?

B. Many reasons from history & traditions, but we have the same message they did and miss the simplicity of God’s plan.

C. Church became separated from love - from the priority  of building loving relationships with one another.

   1. Those who get it – are connected and involved

   2. Those who don’t get it – don’t want to be connected or involved!

D. Swiss Family Robinson was about building something special in paradise!  Isn’t that what God wants for us in eternity?