Sermon Notes

Our Loving God, John 3        2-18-18

Bottom Line:  Faith in God must include a seeking after a relationship with God.


A. The decision to seek a certain person to marry

   1. Over Christmas, 1971, decided to go after Donna

   2. Had to recruit a friend with a car!

 B. Olympic athletes commit to competing early

   1. Gymnasts & skaters begin as babies!

   2. Why? Glory, fame, wealth, please others or self

 C. What comes first – desire or belief?

   1. Some level of belief creates desire, but desire causes belief.

   2. I want & I can!  I can, so I want!?

 D. What is the relationship between seeking God and faith in God?

   1. Faith is believing, accepting, and trusting God without visual confirmation!

   2. Seeking is pursuing knowledge about God and a relationship with God!

 E. Faith is the foundation but seeking is the desire – Heb.11:6 includes both

   1. James talked about it too, 2:14-22

   2. Seeking is not just works but getting closer to God!

 F. Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus in John 3 was His attempt to explain this connection between faith and seeking!

   1. The problem with lots of symbolism & metaphors

   2. The problem of familiarity & missing context

 G. Jesus cleared out the Temple!  Chapter 2

   1. Why?  A seeking place was turned into a super market!

   2. Nicodemus probably saw it. It touched his desire button! Could this be somebody special?

 H. This famous passage is about seeking God!

1. Seeking God involves seeing through the eyes of faith!

 A. Nicodemus could see God in Jesus, vs.1-2

 B Jesus described faith as being “born from above”, vs.3-4

 C. What is it?  “Born from above” means…

   1. A longing for God, vs.5-6

   2. Without seeing God directly, vs.7-8

 D. Born again is the decision to become a seeker of God!

2.  Seeking God involves recognizing the evidence!

 A. Nicodemus didn’t get it! Vs.9 He should have! Vs.10

 B. The evidence of Jesus’ witness, vs.11-12

   1. I have seen with my own eyes!

   2. Nothing second hand or hearsay!

   3. “Procrastinate with questions” = choosing to see!

 C. The evidence of him being lifted up! Vs.13-15

   1. People need something to see!

   2. People need something to trust!

 D. The cross makes us seekers! Or it should!

3.  Seeking God because he is seeking us!

 A. vs.16 isn’t just a beautiful verse. It tells us about God!

   1. His love, his giving, and his desire/seeking of us!

   2. There is no need for anyone to be lost! God’s desire!

 B. God is not in the condemning business! Vs.17-18

 C. Sadly, most run from God rather than seek him!         Vs.19-21


A. Building a castle for someone you love, but they don’t like it or want it!

B. Imagine doing so much to express your love and have it unappreciated, rejected, and ignored?