Sermon Notes

Broken Values: Tolerance   4-23-17

Bottom Line:  Our promise to follow Jesus must include our treating others the way he would.


A. The story of the monks who could only break their vow of silence once every 10 years – to speak 2 words!

   1. 10 yr = “Food bad!; 10 yr = “Bed hard!; 10 yr = I quit!

   2. Long look from head monk: “Well, I’m not surprised. You’ve been complaining ever since you got here.”

B. FB is a vehicle of intolerance! 

   1. Complain, criticize, condemn! About politics, social issues, meanness, hatred, discontent, etc.

   2. More avenues to express opinions now – so we do!

C. “We are not defined by our abilities and talents, but by what disappoints us.”   Why?  How you deal with it?

   1. What if you were not ready to begin your ministry but your Mom decided you were?  Water to wine

   2. What if: Teaching & a guy is lowered through roof?

          * Interrupted by 2 blind guys?

          * Children being brought?  Thousands hungry?

          * Home folks reject you? Family question sanity?         

          * Friends complain, don’t listen, desert you, betray             you, and deny you?

          * Evil Empire beats you & crucifies you and you  have 10K angels you can call?

   3. What if your followers hear 1 Peter 4:8 but still complain about everything and ignore that command?

D. If we are defined by our intolerance, we are defined by how much we are not like Jesus!

   1. Yes, there is righteous intolerance but mostly for God

   2. Our intolerance usually centers around our not understanding His plan! Forgiveness is not optional!

 E. Habakkuk is a great example of complaining vs. trusting

   1. 1:1-4 Complaint; 6 answer; 12-13 Complaint; 2:3-4,9,12, 14, 18-20 answer.

  2. Learned?  3:1;   vs.17-19 Trust

 F. We made a vow about our values:  Matt.16:24 deny;    2 Pet.3:18 grow

1.  Why do we break our values of tolerance?

 A. We are judgmental!  Critical and comparative!

   1. Part of human nature that we must control

   2. Matt.7:1-5, a foundational part of seeking God!

   3. Foundational element of our receiving his forgiveness

 B. We are impatient!

   1. With life – with others – with God!  I want it now!

   2. Philippians 4:4-7 - A peace only God can give!

 C. We are self-centered!

   1. Driven by “I” and “Me” rather than “deny self”

   2. Giving = worship!  God says it = Romans 12:1

 D. We think fake fruit is okay!  IT’s NOT!

   1. Artificial fruit rather than the true fruit of the Spirit

   2. Artificial fruit = not life style, not Christ-centered, not       consistent. It’s on display but not real!

2.  How do we cure our broken values? 

 * Only with the 3 G’s!

 A. Goodness = Jesus! Golden Rule! Tolerance! Rom.8:28

 B. Gratitude = “with thanksgiving” = prayer & peace!

 C. Grace = 2 Cor.12:7-10 (esp. vs.10) What it did for Paul!

   * Illustration of grace: Youth Min. class and test


A. When do you have the right to be intolerant?

 * Goodness OF God

 * Gratitude FOR God

 * Grace FROM God

B. How much does God tolerate you?

   * Every time the blood of Jesus washes me!

   * Time for a washing!