Sermon Notes

The Whisper of War  - Angels(1)          8/20/17

Bottom Line: Angels are God created beings that help carry out His work.


 A. Angelic little boy helps the new minister…

   * Waiting for mother outside lady’s room of gas station

   * Man – “Sonny, can you tell me where the PO is?”

   * “Sure! Just go straight down this street 2 blocks, turn 

      right – it’s on the left.”

   * Thanked & complimented boy on kindness & bright

   * “I’m the new pastor in Town. If you & your mommy

       come to church on Sunday, I’ll show you how to get

       to Heaven.”

   * Little boy chuckled, “You’re kidding me, right? You can’t even find the Post Office!’

 B. Redefine “angelic” – not about cute and sweet!

   1. Angels are not children who have died

   2. They don’t have wings – cherubim & seraphim did but no agreement they are angels – and some symbolic creatures had wings in Rev.

   3. Not white choir robes – though sing like us

   4. Not sweet bungling man trying to earn wings

 C. Often angels are not fun to have around!

   1. Angels w/ Lot in Sodom

   2. Angels about to kill Balaam

   3. Daniel 10:1-19 after lion’s den, visions, & furnace

 D. 200 direct passages, another 100 allusions, but still much we just don’t know or understand

1.  What are angels?

 A. Being created by God – Col.1:6 “created all things”

   1. Around before creation (first appearance had sword)

   2. Jesus superior to angels until he became human, Heb.2:7 (Man just a little lower – Psalm 8)

   3. Created to be angels: people don’t die & become one

 B. Angels are servants of God – not like God!

   1. They are not omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient

   2. They don’t know many things – limited – 1 Pet.1:12 “long to look into these things”

      * Jesus said they don’t know the end – Mt.24:36

 C. Angels worship/serve God and must not be worshipped

       * Col.2:17-19

2.  What do angels look like?

 A. Anything God needs them to look like

   1. Satan to Eve as a serpent – Gen.3

   2. Angels to Abraham & Lot as men – Gen.18-19

   3. Burning bush – Acts 7:30

   4. Wind & flames – Heb.1:7

   5. Horses & chariots of fire -2 Kgs 2

   6. Invisible until needed – Numbers 22:21-34 Balaam

 B. Strangers – Hebrews 13:2

   1. Angels in disguises?  When? How?  Why?

   2. Not about them but who they serve!

3.  What do angels do?

 A. Angels are messengers from God!

   1. Gr. angelos = messenger; Heb. Malak same

   2. Spirit messengers sent by God – Heb.1:14

   3. Carry out the work of God. How? Visible and invisible

 B. Angels lead God’s people in a relational worship of God!

   1. Heb.1:6 – worship leaders – prayer – intercession

   2. They summon us to God. Rev.5:11-12; 7:11-12; 8:2-5

 C. Angels are active in our world!

   1. God’s ministering agents to lead people to Him!

   2. They guard and protect – Mt.18:10-11  How? When?

 D. Angels are concerned about us!  They care about us!

   1. 1 Peter 1:12  long to look = curious, caring, limited

   2. Watching us – Dan.4:13

   3. 1 Cor.4:9  we are spectacle to the world & angels

   4. 1 Cor.11:10  Women dress – seen by angels

   5. 1 Tim.5:21  Charge…in sight of angels

   6. Luke 15:7-10  Rejoice because of what they see

     * They don’t know what’s going to happen next. They

        are amazed by what God did in Christ – and does now

     * They rejoice over obedience & victory in Jesus!


A. Angels don’t appear to “wow” us or prove anything!

B. They leave God’s presence only when God sends them on a mission to help us!

C. Every mission that an angel goes on is an expression of God’s love for us!