Sermon Notes

Dining Dilemma      10/15/17

Bottom Line:   It is easy to get distracted with questions that really don’t build our faith.


A. You are what you eat!

   1. May be true from a physiological stand point

   2. The building blocks of our body come from what we


 B. Aren’t you glad you don’t look like what you eat?

   1. Opinions are endless – healthy vs. unhealthy;

        good vs. bad; carnivorous vs. herbivore

   2. The body is an amazing example of grace – forgiving

   3. Sooner or later, we will pay for our abuses

 C. The key has always been balance and moderation!

   1. Limits & self-control are always a challenge

   2. BUT, character is not about calories!

 D. You are who you eat with!

   1. Relational not biological

   2. Always a cultural sign of hospitality & kindness

   3. The irony of our tradition of separating worship and

        fellowship!  Unbiblical manmade thinking!

 E. One of the first clashes Jesus had was with people who questioned his dining practices!  (Religious Vultures?)

   1. Not about napkins, holding forks, or wearing hats

   2. Who?  When? And the ignored part – What?

1.  Problem:  Eating with the wrong people!

 A. It all started because Jesus called the wrong guy to follow him and become an apostle!

   1. Matthew is telling his part of the story

   2. vs.9, he didn’t question or argue, he got up & went

 B. Dinner and guests later that day, vs.10-11

   1. Pharisees are judging and comparing – like we do!

   2. The Message = Jesus was setting a bad example

 C. Jesus gives us his perspective, vs.12-13

   1. A doctor’s work is defined by the patient’s needs

   2. Go figure out what God really wants!  Challenge!

       - Humble servants!  - Real faith and love – authentic

         witness to those who need it!  A holy heart!

2.  Problem:  Eating when you shouldn’t!

 A. John’s followers felt superior but hungry!

   1. vs.14, Religious discipline!  Cultural hero!

   2. Judging & comparing = common religious practice

 B. Jesus points out that opportunity overrules practices!

   1. vs.15, The time is not right!  Bridegroom is here!

   2. There will be a time, but don’t throw cold water!

   3. Fellowship/love over rituals, ceremonies, & acts

 C. Don’t let old traditions ruin new possibilities, vs.16-17

   1. Ageless struggle of protecting or permitting!

   2. 1 Thess.5:19 “Do not put out the Spirit’s fire!”

3.  Problem:  Forgetting to trust Jesus!  FOCUS!

 A. “As he finished” = part of the discussion – story

 B. vs.18-26, Not just miracles but giving a focus to the earlier questions about eating!  What really counts!

   1. A dying daughter is more important than who & when

   2. A women w/ 12 yr disease is more important

 C. People with faith touch Jesus: Father, woman, a need!


A. Satan love to get us distracted w/ details & practices

B. He wants you to focus on religion not love!

C. Being a Pharisee isn’t just about legalism & tradition…