Sermon Notes

Give Me Your Feet,  John 13:1-17        4-15-18

Bottom Line:  Jesus showed us how to be loving servants to one another.


A. We don’t speak Greek and often we don’t speak Bible!

   1. Church – worship – love, to name a few

   2. Leadership is another concept w/ baggage

 B. We have a world view of leadership!

   1. Authority! Control!  Rank!  Power!

   2. Visions of politics, military, business, & wealth

 C. Israel’s vision of leadership was there 3 Kings!

   1. Saul was disobedient and crazy!

   2. Solomon the Wise wasn’t – divided the kingdom

   3. David sinned but repented – Warrior King who won!

 D. Jesus called twelve to be apostles – to learn, prepare, and then go unto all the world preaching it!

   1. Cabinet of the Messiah?  Board of Elders? Generals?

   2. Add to that a message and miraculous power?

 E. They jockeyed for position = sit on right & left of Jesus

   1. Mk.10:35-45, godless rulers vs. godly servants!

   2. “Not so with you” = that’s not how we do it!

 F. Second only to his sacrifice on the cross, the most profound act and example of spiritual leadership displayed by Jesus was when he washed the feet of his apostles.  John 13:4-17

   1. Beautiful act of love and service!

   2. Shocking their world view of leadership!

   3. A clear call to & example of humble unselfishness!

 G. The most amazing part is what Jesus knew before he washed their feet! Means he knew it while washing them.

   1. Why don’t we wash feet?  Or something similar?

   2. What we might need to know first…

1.  Jesus knew his time was up!  Vs.1a

 A. Less than 24 hours of physical life left!

 B. God sent him = purpose! God was waiting = love!

 C. Whose feet do you need to wash before it’s too late?

2.  Jesus knew he loved this group! Vs.1b

 A. Past & present love!  Unchanging love!

 B. Can you see him looking around the table at them?

 C. Love helps you give what they need…

3.  Jesus knew that Judas had given in to the Devil! Vs.2

 A. Interesting concept: Satan prompts, he doesn’t control!  Of course – we can give him control like Judas

 B. Jesus knew Judas would betray him, yet he still washed his feet!

 C. It is easy to wash the feet of those who love you!

4.  Jesus knew the Father had put all things under his power! Vs.3

 A. He was in total control of the events!

 B. He could have changed any part of it.  It was a willing sacrifice!  Even in the garden!

   1. Jesus knew the plan, but it didn’t make it any easier!

   2. With all that was ahead, why wash feet?  Important!

 C. Being a loving servant is what we are – even when we have no control of what is going on around us!


A. Would you wash feet?  Loved ones?  Judas-types?

B. What is equal to or easier than foot washing?

C. Who has washed your feet = shown love & service?