Sermon Notes

Broken Values:  Parenting                 6-25-17

Bottom Line:  The best example of parenting is God.


 A. People help us develop our parenting values.

   1. Nelson Smith at Camp Wamava – singing & working

   2. Coach Hazelip family singing in the morning after

       breakfast.  (Foolish man…;  This little light of mine)

 B. I made a choice about my values while still in my teens

   1. A committed parent is part of the decision to start

   2. Next to being a child of God, being a committed spouse and parent is the most important choice you can make in life!

   3. Always true and first:  the best thing you can do for your children is love your spouse.

 C. Why do we parent like we do? (transitive verb)

     Where do our parenting values come from?

   1. Our Parents – both the good and the bad

   2. Observation – others and from learning

   3. Sense of responsibility – unexpected job requirement

   4. Choices we make – from first three & values we desire

 D. The Bible and Parenting? Why isn’t it addressed?

   1. Prov.17:6 “children are a crown”; 31:28 “children rise up and call her blessed”

   2. Eph.6:1 Obey your parents;  vs.4 do not exasperate…

   3. 1 Tim.3 & 5 spiritual leaders – manage children!

   4. Why not more? God is the ultimate parent! Copy him!

 E. There are three essential values of parenting! (I think!)

   1. Essential because our children NEED them!

   2. Essential because they will have problems w/o them!

   3. Essential because their souls depend on them!

 F. In order of priority…

1.  Unconditional Love

 A. Should be a no-brainer!  Birth creates love!

 B. God is love, 1 John 4:16     1 Peter 4:8

 C. Unconditional doesn’t mean permissive, Rom.8:35-39

2.  Clear Direction

 A. Who we are and why we do what we do!  Focus!

   1. We are a family of values!

   2. Sometimes we guard them, sometimes we explain!

 B. Our values drive us & define us! Dt.4:9 Moses – teach!

   1. Character values: Respect, kindness, integrity

   2. The world is a painful teacher. If you don’t they will!

   3. Church?  Why the disconnect with kids?  Church is not what we do it’s who we are!  Kids see the difference.

 C. Spiritual priorities!  3 John 4,  Greatest joy in life.

   1. Problem?  Leading during our most stressful years!

   2. Solution: grow together! Family journey! Talk & share!

3.  Consistent Discipline

 A. Goal:  Parental control to create self-control (failure is destructive and painful)

   1. Beat it into them? No, love it into them, but…

   2. Prov.13:24 & 23:13  See the principle not the practice

 B. Consistent is the key! Real values don’t change!

 C. Consistent application = expected and even

 D. Consistent disciple making = train, teach, transform


A. There are no guarantees in parenting!

B. The best parents can have children who make bad choices – opposite is true too!  Bad make good ones.

C. Look at the value cycle in 1 & 2 Kings:  “he did not do what was right in the eyes of the Lord…but… just like his father…!”

D.  Would you be okay with your children being just like you?  What needs to change?  For them?