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JR DEPT (3rd - 6th grade) BOWLING AT CREST BOWL, T O D A Y !

12:45 pm—Drop off at Crest Bowl. 3:00 pm—Pick up at Crest Bowl. Lunch will be provided.

Celebrate Mom on Sunday, May 14th 


Alumni weekend retreat

Sept 15-17

Camp Neotez will host a camper alumni retreat this fall. Share camp stories, catch-up with friends, see what’s been done at Camp, and sing around the campfire.  


50th Anniversary Celebration

For Art & Mildred matthews

Sat, Sept 30 at 1 pm

Please join Art and Mildred as they renew their vows and celebrate 50 years together.  Cake and punch to follow




Sunday, July 9

8 am - Noon

Sunday, April 30  Right after morning service.

Retirees’ luncheon, Friday, April 28, 10:30 am

Bring your favorite game and a lunch dish to share. 

Special Contribution, Sunday, April 30

This collection goes toward our benevolence and missions funds. 

Pray For:


Shirley Siebuhr - Still in the hospital awaiting test results but doing much better.

Sherry Bechtel - Home from the hospital and getting better. 

Marian Reed - Please keep my family in your daily prayers.  Also pray for the University City School District during this time as we lost another young person in our community.  Keep his family in prayer.

Katherine Wilbur - Thank you Jesus for giving me life.  I can live life with joy in the midst of life’s troubles.  Thank you for my family.  I love you.

Mynishel Reed - John is improving.  The infection is healing.  Thanks for your prayers, phone calls, visits and cards.  Continue to pray for our family.  A special thanks to you all.

Subrina Crockett - Prayers for continuous strength, faith and trusting in God.  That he will lead me and make all decisions for me job wise and any other choices in my life.  For my health, the health of family, church family and friends.  That my family and I remain strong as a whole in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Connie Thieret - He is risen! Hallelujah!

Yondell and Mickaela Bass - Continual prayer for our son as delivery day gets closer.  Praying for healthy baby and healthy mommy.

LaTasha Jackson - Dear Church Family, I have been sober from alcohol and smoking in all areas and I have been a Christian for 15 years this year.

Leona Coleman - Pray for my brother, Larry Liggins, who suffered a stroke.  Also prayers for traveling grace to go see him in KC this weekend.

Deloris Hurn - Thanks for all concerns for my daughter, Yvonne Smith.  She’s doing well and sends her love to all.  Thanks for your prayers as well.

PJ Landrum - Pray for Willie Lash, who was taken off of life support Sunday evening.  Pray for his wife and family as God’s will is revealed.

Jean (member of Alisha McCoy’s staff) - Having a lot of family challenges.

CAMP NEOTEZ CLEAN-UP DAY Sat, May 20,  9 am -dark Team up to Clean up! Lunch and cleaning supplies provided.

CAMP applications available on the Neotez table in the foyer and online at  Scholarships are available for cases of financial need. 


Come & go Graduation party for RILEY JUDD, Sat, May 20, 2- 4 pm at the home of David and Vicki Judd.  See Church Bulletin for David & Vicki's address. Stop by to congratulate him and wish him well on the next chapter of his life.


Come & go Graduation party for adria mc Lane, Sun, May 21, 1- 4 pm Come to celebrate and encourage Adria Carol McLane on her graduation from Christian Academy.  At the McLane’s home.  See Church Bulletin for the McLane's address. Sign up at the Welcome Center so the family can plan food.

Jo Doolittle

Our lives are pretty much the same since the last update. Caregivers, appointments, weeding and cleaning flower beds, rest and recovery from all activities.  Friends helping with Jim, bringing food, visiting and sending cards and notes. We welcome all of them. 

No more falls for Jim since the last update.  Seeing God active in our lives, seeing the trees, flowers and birds singing as we welcome spring weather is encouraging. Gives us encouragement to continue to be obedient to Him. Thanking him for all He does including loving us to the point of sacrificing His Son Jesus so we can have eternal life.

Thank you for everyone who has encouraged us in some way. We are grateful.


Thurs, June 1 - Sat, June 3 at 7 pm and Sun, June 4 at 6 pm

Come and see the musical telling of the story of Joseph. 

CHRISTIAN ACADEMY  DINNER AND CONCERT featuring Brian Owens and the Deacons of Soul, Friday, April  28 in the CA Gymnasium.  Dinner is at 6:30 pm, Concert at 7:30 pm.  Reservations are required for the dinner (8 oz steak, salad, potatoes, corn, bread and dessert).  $25 per person.  Reservation deadline is 4/24/2017.  Contact the CA office (314-429-7070) to purchase tickets.



If you plan on attending Harding University in the fall, applications are now being accepted for the Robert and Nannalee Dollins Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship will award $1,300 to an incoming freshman who demonstrates financial need and is truly outstanding.  The deadline is APRIL 30, 2017.  Further info is available at the Welcome Center. 

Pray For:

Our Shepherds:
Matt DeRouen
Kenneth Fester
Austin Hollins
Patrick Jackson
Jerry Judd
Anthony Lewis
Bill Lloyd
*Cary Paul
Leonard Payne
Ken Teson
Stan Williams
Danny Younger
*Elder of the month

Our Ministers:
Mike Root - Pulpit
Jerry Williamson - Youth

Our Staff:

Erika Pride (office)
Linda Haddox (office)
Ken Fester (Learning Center)

Daniel's House of Prayer

Need of prayer immediately?  "Prayer Warriors" are standing by ready to pray with you morning', noon', or night'.

Daniel's House of Prayer (A Prayer ministry) meets here every Tuesday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, to pray for the lost, those who requested prayer the previous Sunday, and all special requests.  Come join us as we approach God's throne on behalf of others.

Prayer Warriors
Doug Breland  LaTasha Jackson 
John Worth  George Barnes 
Matt DeRouen 

See Church Bulletin for Prayer Warriors phone numbers



Willie Mae Coleman, Jim and Jo Doolittle, Theo Harrell, Charlene Jamison, Angela McKeever, John Reed, John Rone, Steve Rone, Brazella Shepherd, Jane Starling, Bernice Tennis, Paula Wieduwilt