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August 20, 2017



Today's Lesson :

The Whisper of War - Angels(1)

From Mike:    

    If the headline events of the last week or so do not convince you that there is a war going on, I’m not sure what could.  I’m not talking about the fighting between the groups of protesters or even the unbelievable violence that took a life and injured many others.  And just to be perfectly clear, the Neo-Nazi and KKK groups are as ungodly and un-American as any hate groups in our history.  They should be repugnant and obnoxious to anyone who understands their nefarious character and malicious history.  But they are only small cogs in the much larger war.  The war I’m talking about is the larger war for the hearts and souls of  mankind.  There has always been, and always will be, fringe hate groups.  Some people thrive on hate because it gives them focus and purpose.  Some just desperately need to feel superior to someone to compensate for their own poor self-esteem.  Others just simply get pulled into something because of influence, peer-pressure, and the need to belong to something—anything, that gives them a sense of belonging.  Give them a national spotlight and media coverage, and suddenly the fringe seems like the flow—and it’s not true!

    The larger battle is about how good people respond to bad people and bad actions.  Satan wins when we sink to hating the haters because then we are no better than they are!  Satan wins when we begin to think that darkness and evil is flooding our nation when in fact, it’s a molecule of one drop in the bucket!  But the media makes it look like there are armies of hate groups and legions of dark servants marching through our streets!  It’s really the few, the sad, and the sold-out!  Satan wins when we allow that small hate-filled gathering of uneducated, unenlightened, and ungodly people to set the tone for our hearts and minds.

    We MUST love and forgive them—not because of who they are but because of who WE LIVE FOR!  They don’t want our love and forgiveness—so all the more reason to give it!  Above all, we must let love rule, guide, and mold our hearts.  THAT’S THE WAR, brethren!  If we give in to the urge to generalize, misjudge the larger mass of goodness in our country, and allow ourselves to be filled with pessimism  and hate—we’ve raised the white flag to Satan!  Our flag is red, because it’s covered with the blood of the One who died to help us win the battle!  Don’t surrender!

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