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October 15, 2017



Today's Lesson :

Dining Dilemma, Matt 9:9-26

From Mike: 

    We’ve all had the experience of agreeing to go out to eat with our spouse or friend, and then having a hard time deciding where to go.  “Where do you want to go?”  “I don’t know.  Where do you want to go?”  It usually goes back and forth like that for a while before someone just picks a place!  Then the other person says, “I don’t like that place!”  Then you go home and have left-overs.  Not!

    Isn’t it nice to live in a day and time when going out to eat is so easy, common, and affordable—for most?  How nice is it that our biggest problem is deciding and agreeing on where?  I love going out with friends and just enjoy visiting and sharing while someone else does all the preparation and serving.  It’s certainly not the same thing as being hospitable and having folks into your home, but it is a fun—and culturally acceptable—way to fellowship and share.

    I don’t know if they had restaurants in Bible times—I doubt it—but I think Jesus would have enjoyed going out to eat with us today.  I have always thought it was interesting how much of his recorded ministry took place at a dinner table enjoying a meal with other people who wanted to hear anything and everything he might have to say.  Some of Jesus’ most powerful lessons were shared at a dinner table.  It’s also true that some of his biggest conflicts and challenges came as a result of where and with whom he chose to share a meal with.  To him, a meal was a time to fellowship and teach.  To the Pharisees and other self-righteous leaders of the day, a meal was a time to declare how unique and special they were to be God’s people.  To add those who didn’t belong was to defile the whole experience.  Jesus was guided by love, not man’ s laws.

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