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June 25, 2017

Sermon 6/18


Today's Lesson :

Broken Values: Parenting

Mike Root

From Mike:    

    It’s rare for me to get to be in the Sunday morning assembly and not be the speaker for that service.  Last Sunday we went to church with Mamaw, Donna’s mother, the matriarch of our extended family.  We took up three large pews and had sixty-something of us all together at the College Church of Christ, to praise God together, but to also honor a woman of God who raised four amazing children, who had twelve beautiful grandchildren, who has had—I forgot how many great-grandchildren—except our ten.  She is one of the most godly women I have ever known in my life, and the reason you will never hear any of the standard and famous “mother-in-law jokes” come from me.  It may have been Father’s Day to everyone else in that auditorium, but to us, it was Mamaw’s Day.

    As an aside, it was interesting to be in the same church building where Donna and I were married 45 years ago this December.  Of course it doesn’t look anything like it did then.  They had at least a couple remodeling and redecorating projects since then, but the auditorium is still where it was then.  It also brought back a lot of memories to hear the incredible four part harmony on every song—with so many experienced and trained singers in the audience, but still not like home.  Also heard a good lesson about being a Dad, but nothing I could use for today’s lesson on Parenting.

    Speaking about parenting, please use today’s lesson as encouragement to stay focused on what your priorities need to be as a parent.  There is probably no job in life where we tend to feel more inadequate and guilty about our faults and weaknesses than we do about raising our children.  We are imperfect parents—all of us!  We get weak, tired, distracted, and overwhelmed by life and the demands of our family.  Like growing in Christ, growing as a parent is a journey.  We do our best, we keep plugging away at our responsibilities, and we learn and grow while we are helping them learn and grow.  You are loved and supported fully by a Father who knows and understands.  You have a church family who wants to help in any way we can. Like Esther, you’ve been placed here for this purpose.  Stay strong and committed—you’ll never regret the time and effort you put into it.  It will be over way too soon!

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