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February 18, 2018



Today's Lesson :

Our Loving God, John 3

Mike Root

From Mike : 

    I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that John 3:16 is probably the most widely known verse in the Bible. That can’t be proven of course, and a good argument could be made for Genesis 1:1 or Psalm 23, but I think more people have heard of John 3:16, even if they can’t quote it perfectly. As folks who love the Word of God, we recognize that knowing and understanding are two very different things. Many people know that “In the beginning God created,” but do they understand who God is and why He did it? It’s not just a statement of cause and effect, it’s a description of a loving Father who wants to be in a relationship with His creation!

    John 3:16 is an incredibly profound and challenging verse, but when we keep it in context—as it was meant to be understood—it was a simple explanation to a spiritually hungry man about where to find eternal sustenance. Like Luke 15 and the parables of the lost sheep, coin, and son, John 3 is Jesus telling us about his Dad—our Dad, Abba Father. What does he want us to know about him? Everything Jesus did was pointing to his Father. It was his great wish—his mission in coming to earth—that we would seek out his Father. His death paid the bill for our sinful nature and made it possible for unholy kids to become holy children of God! How incredible is that?

    As we look at John 3—not just verse 16—please open your heart up to hear what Jesus wants us to know about God. Don’t assume you understand it just because you’ve known it for so many years. The truth is, we know, or think we know, what verse 16 says, but we haven’t cared much about why he said it or what the context was. Yes, it is a simple call to believe and be saved, but it is part of something bigger than a “nut shell” gospel. It’s a challenge to Nicodemus and to us. A challenge to...move beyond just knowing to something much deeper. It’s a call to...well, pay attention this morning and find out!

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