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July 26, 2015



Today's Lesson :

Nuts & Bolts - Authenticity

Mike Root

From Mike:

    It was my honor to speak at the Kerusso Camp at Ne-O-Tez this last Tuesday night.  This is a Harding University sponsored camp for young men who are interested in doing ministry with their lives, and are already preparing to follow that call.  It was a small group, maybe a couple dozen, but their bright eyes and smiling faces showed a group of young men who are serious about pursuing a call to preach the greatest message ever given to mankind.  Our own Timothy Holloway was part of that group, and he clearly has the personality and talent to be a minister of the Gospel, but more important—he has a heart for God.

    Like I said, it was fun to be with them and have Steve Holloway as my chauffer, guide, cheerleader, and partner.  I shared a lesson that I prepared just for them about things Philippians teaches me about preaching.  We had a Q & A time afterward and they asked some great questions.  It was fun and encouraging for me.  I just hope I did something to encourage them on their journey.

    Preaching is not JUST about presenting a lesson.  Yes, it takes knowledge, talent, courage, and love to stand before any group and share God’s Word—even one time—let alone week after week.  BUT, it is first and always a people job.  If you don’t love people and love being with people, helping people, and sharing with people—it won’t matter how powerful a preacher you are because people want to know you love them if you are going to mess with their hearts and heads as you help them on their spiritual journey.  It’s a people job, but it’s representing Jesus to people.  That demands some serious soul searching, consistency of life, and transparency as a person.

    That means you WILL disappoint some people some times.  Why?  Because everyone has different expectations about what the preacher should do for them, and how he should respond to their needs—even sometimes assuming that preachers should be able to read their minds.  In my career as a minister of the Gospel, the preacher truly must be a pastor, even if technically the word is only used about elders in the New Testament.  But, it is what it is.

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