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November 29, 2015

Sermon 11/22


Today's Lesson :

Rejoice About the Right Things

Mike Root

From Mike:

    One of the common traps any of us can fall into, is the trap of generalizing the spiritual condition of our church family.  If something in our circle of people or our ministry isn’t working, enthusiasm is lacking, or maybe it’s difficult to find volunteers and replacements when needed—there is the temptation to make sweeping judgements about the entire church.  Words like “no one” or “everyone” are used in reference to dedication, involvement, or level of excitement.  That is nearly always dangerous because it’s nearly always wrong and short-sighted.  It’s superimposing our concerns or disappointment onto a lot of folks and activities we forget, ignore, or are unaware of.  “If I’m discouraged—everyone must be discouraged!”  That’s when it’s good to reflect a little.

    In June, we pulled off a giant musical Bible story production that many churches much larger than us wouldn’t dare to try.  2000 attended, but it allowed us to connect with 500 families in our community and required the participation of a huge percentage of our church family.  Since September, we had both a men’s and a ladies retreat, both well attended and inspiring.  We’ve had a great blood drive, a special contribution, Trunk or Treat, with high membership participation and community attendance.  Just last week we had a wonderful crowd for our Thanksgiving dinner, and this week I took Christmas Children’s Boxes to a drop off place, but fifty of our families participated in donating those boxes.  There was a Youth Retreat, Room at the Inn, Family Factory, Bible classes, Mentoring meetings, and prayer groups—just to name a few.  Time and space don’t allow—even if I knew about all of them—listing all the deeds of kindness and service carried out by members because they are loving, caring, compassionate, and obedient children of God.  Very few people saw or even know about those deeds—but God does!

    Yes, we can do more.  Yes, we need people to step up and help provide leadership for vital ministries of this church,  Yes, we need committed people, BUT let’s not ignore what God is doing!

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