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March 26, 2017



Today's Lesson :

Jesus and the Sanhedrin

Mike Root


From Mike:     

    This is our twelfth Bible Action musical this June 1-4.  Our goal has always been to simply get a Bible story before as many of our neighbors as we possibly can.  We want it to be fun and entertaining, but mostly we want to glorify God by sharing—in maybe a little less than traditional way—part of his Word.  It’s an act of sharing, or opening our place to our neighbors, and—as I mentioned in one of our lessons from Mark—it’s an act of kindness, and kindness is its own reward.  It brings a lot of folks into our building that we get to meet.

    Two years ago we did the story of David and Goliath.  What a great story of trust and faith in God—right?  Maybe it was the drama of a live performance, or maybe the compelling presence of a giant Garry Barnes, but for some reason several of our grandkids became totally entranced with Goliath.  There’s just something weird about hearing them play the story of David and Goliath and argue about who gets to be Goliath!  “No! It’s my turn to be Goliath, you were him last time!”  Why aren’t they arguing about who gets to be David?  Isn’t he the hero of the story?  Actually, that really is part of the lesson from that great story.  Even back in the days it happened, EVERYONE WANTED TO BE LIKE GOLIATH and no one wanted to be like a scrawny shepherd kid like David!  BUT, as we all know, he had God on his side, and that always makes a difference.

    We don’t usually read stories or watch movies and identify with the villains.  No one wants to be the “bad guy” and everyone sees themselves as the “good guy.”  Who doesn’t want to be Harry Potter?  Yeah, in some twisted way, Voldemort was cool, but he was also evil, and no one (normal) wants to be seen as evil.

    Now we’re studying the gospel, the good news as Mark records it.  It is the most important, life-changing, and eternal story ever recorded or heard—PERIOD!  Who’s going to study the grand story and identify with Judas?  Who wants to see themselves denying Jesus like Peter did, or even running like scared rabbits as the rest of the apostles did?  Who longs to be like the chief priests, elders and teachers of the law?  You know—the Sanhedrin who plotted and schemed to bring about the execution of the only Son of God?  No, we don’t want to be like them, but—in some way—we can’t help but be like them.  This familiar interaction with Jesus is personal!

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