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Jan 25, 2015



Today's Lesson :

Boundary Stones & Stumbling Stones

Jerry Williamson

From Mike:

        By the time you read this you should have been to our first I Love My Church class -- or maybe you're reading it during class.  Either way, I hope you are enjoying the opportunity to talk about God's family.  I don't think most people really understand the reason God wanted his people to meet together.  It's simple, in both the Bible and in practicality, but centuries of traditions turned it from a simple and informal get together into a formal "worship service".  That's not all bad, it's just that the focus of growing in love for one another became less and less important until now, in many people's minds, it's an optional part of church -- or an extra-curricular activity.  God said get together and encourage one another because NO ONE SHOULD BE ON THIS JOURNEY ALONE!  That's why he wanted us to be a family -- a body that functions as one unit, growing in Christ.  Like I said earlier, there is a national trend of church members disconnecting from their church family.  WE WANT YOU TO BE PART OF THE DISCUSSION AS TO WHY THAT IS HAPPENING AND HOW CAN WE KEEP OURSELVES FROM DRIFTING INTO THAT.  So please continue to pray about this and to participate in the classes. 

  • Remember there is Wednesday evening class in the Shepherd's Conference Room for anyone who teaches on Sunday morning and couldn't attend a class or anyone who couldn't attend on Sunday for any reason.  The class discussion will be lead by Leonard and Stan.
  • Also, HEADS UP!!!  We are planning on having a SACK SUNDAY February 15th, like the one we had several years ago for the North City church -- except this one is for our own pantry.  This will be a great way to not only restock our pantry, but allow it to be stocked for many months to come.  Sacks, with a list of recommended items attached will be handed out on Sunday the 8th.  We will all get to present our Sack offering either in the auditorium or at Family Factory.  It's not a hugh expense or sack-rifice, but it will be fun, encouraging, and glorify our Father!

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