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May 24, 2015



Today's Lesson :

If I Had Been...Mary (Jn.12)

Mike Root

From Mike:

        By the time John 12 begins, we are already into the last week of Jesus’ life on earth.  The remaining half of John’s Gospel is dealing with those last days, then ends with his last—post resurrection—meetings with his followers.  In eleven chapters, John has covered very little of the life and ministry of Jesus—nothing like Matthew, Mark, and Luke, the Synoptic Gospels, do.  He had a very clear purpose and that was to create faith in Jesus as the Son of God.  What we do have in much of these remaining chapters of John, are some very important messages from Jesus as he readies his apostles for what is to come.

        What Mary does by pouring the expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet is an act of love and honor, but what she didn’t know, and what Jesus reveals, is that she is preparing his body for his death.  In our series of lessons about If I Had Been—whoever Jesus was interacting with—we have tried to personalize each story by looking at it from the point of view of the person encountering Jesus.  Last week may have been the most difficult, because the person encountered was dead!  This week’s person is really an extension of last week’s story about Lazarus.  This is a good while later, when Jesus stops by to visit with Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary and Martha, while on his way to Jerusalem for the last time.  This is a farewell dinner with some close friends, and no one knows it but Jesus.  He is there because he loves them dearly, and they had shared something amazing the last time he visited.  In fact, that is one of the most interesting things about this whole section.  Nearly nothing is said about Lazarus!  He had been dead for four days before Jesus brought him back to life.  Can you imagine the things he could tell?  BUT, this was written by the Holy Spirit, not a professional writer, and the subject of the story is Jesus.

        It’s a different kind of story so we are going to look at some different kinds of questions as we examine it.  There are only three primary characters in the story.  Which one are you most like?  Mary, Jesus, or Judas? 

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