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December 4, 2016



Today's Lesson :

Mark: The Good News (Mk. 10:17-31)

Mike Root


From Mike:        

    2016 only has a few days left!  It truly is scary how fast each year goes by.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were talking about our new church-wide classes about Love Does?  Here we are, in the last month of the year, talking about the new class for 2017!  Since the first Sunday of 2017 is also New Year’s Day, I decided it would be best to begin our new class on January 8th, which will bump the thirteen weeks of classes into the first week of April (2nd).  I am working on our study guide similar to the one I did last year.  I think it helps to have all the discussion questions available and in front of you each week.  It also allows those who want to, to prepare for the classes.  Please remember—discussion classes only work well if people are willing to discuss the topic of the day.  Take a moment to at least read through the questions each week before coming to class so that you can participate and add to the quality of the class.

    We are studying grace!  I can’t think of a more important topic.  Since it is very close to love, which was last year’s class, we should be able to have some truly helpful and encouraging discussions.  The title is Worthless VIP—my simple definition for grace.  It’s easy to remember and easy to share.  In fact, one of the things I like about it is that it creates curiosity in others who will ask about it if they hear or see it.  That is one of the reasons why I had some T-shirts made with our logo on it.  I still have a few left in LG, XL, & 2X, and an order sheet is available to order some 3X or any other adult size, but we have to have twenty to have an order.  Right now we only have two names on the list.

    One of the things I hope we will all realize is that God’s grace is seen all through the Bible.  Even though the word isn’t seen much in the Old Testament, the concept is clearly seen in story after story.  It is seen in God’s mercy, God’s forgiveness, God’s patience, and many more godly qualities.  As sinful creatures, mankind rarely got what we deserved.  God’s goodness is seen in his constant grace that he gives over and over.

    In the passage we are looking at this morning, the story of the Rich Young Ruler, we usually look at it and emphasize the challenge to give and sacrifice.  After all, he was told by Jesus to sell all he had, give it to the poor, and then come follow him.  Did you ever wonder why he never told his apostles to do that?  It’s not a story about giving or benevolence.  It is a story about God’s grace, and again, the word grace is never used.  The concept is clearly taught.  Can you see where and how? 

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