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Aug 31, 2014



Today's Lesson

I Hear You, Jesus! 

Mike Root

From Mike:

        Thank you to ALL who helped us deliver our Bible Action musical DVDs.  Several of you helped by hand delivering some to neighbors and friends, while others helped by taking some to the post office or contributing to the cost of postage.  Erika is down to the last several dozen as she has been packaging, addressing, stamping, and getting some ready to mail each day.  It is a big task when you are talking hundreds of DVDs, but it is our primary follow-up for the hundreds of families who attended our play.  As we talk about in our cast rehearsal, the DVDs mean that thousands of people will see the play—hear the Bible story—who never got to see it live.  We’ve even had wonderful reports of missionaries using it to teach and reach out to children, who they wouldn’t be able to connect with otherwise.

        THE NEW CONNECTING CLASS STARTS NEXT SUNDAY MORNING IN THE OFFICE AT 9:00.  If you are a new Christian, a new member, or a visitor who wants to know more about us and why we do the things we do—THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!  It is eight weeks long, and while we have a study guide, any question from anyone attending will be discussed first.  It is a study of the basics or fundamentals of how to become a follower of Jesus, and how this church family seeks to help each member develop a deeper walk with him.  If you have any questions about the class—whether you could or should attend, or about the subject matter to be discussed—please see me.

        For those who missed it last week, if you would like to have a paperback copy of my newest book, I still have a few copies left in the office.  See me, or check in the office—I may talk Donna into being there again to help anyone who wants a copy.

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