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June 26, 2016



Today's Lesson :

Mark: The Good News

Mike Root


From Mike:

    We believe that the Bible is the Word of God.  What is the single biggest reason why God gave it to us?  The Bible reveals to us the unfolding plan of God for redeeming us.  The heart and soul of the Bible is the Gospel message!  Jesus came to save us and there is salvation in no other name under heaven!  That’s the Gospel!  It’s simple, easy to understand, and complicated only when we muddy it up with things that have no bearing on building a relationship with God.  Even after spending years with Paul, and then Peter, Mark was guided by the Holy Spirit to write out the gospel message in order to put on paper a message that had only been told verbally for four decades.  It’s the story of God’s love for us and his plan to purchase our salvation with the body and blood of Jesus.  Jesus would pay the price for our sins that we deserved to pay ourselves.

    Why did Mark need to write about the ministry life of Jesus?  Why not just “cut to the chase” and tell how he died for our sins on Calvary?  Jesus isn’t just a sacrifice, he’s our Lord, our friend, and our brother as children of God.  He is our model and example of what God wants us all to be!  That means we must learn about him, study him, and know him—if we truly seek to be like him.  Mark wants us to know  many things about him, all of which will give us a good picture of how we should live, treat others, and please God daily.  That is what it means to decide to follow him.

    Today we will be looking at another part of Mark’s Gospel that adds to that picture of Jesus Mark wants us all to have.  We begin to see what drives him, how he attracted people, and why so many were enthralled with his teaching.  This is not JUST a story!  This is not JUST some church information you can take or leave!  It’s learning about the most important individual to ever walk the earth, and the only individual who loved us so much that he willingly sacrificed himself to allow us the opportunity to have a relationship with God!  No one ever did more for you than Jesus did!  Mark gives us the chance to really get to know and understand him.  I’ll try to make it interesting.  We all need to try to know him better!

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