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Jul 27, 2014



Today's Lesson

Awareness of God, Pt. 1 (Matthew 6:25-34)

Mike Root

From Mike:

        We are rapidly finishing out the 2014 Summer.  Schools are starting soon and many people will be getting in last minute vacation trips.  We have already had two Sundays of our summer large group at the building, PM time, and they have both been awesome.  Our One Another Group didn’t meet last week, so I was here to hear Josh McCutchen speak last Sunday evening and he really shared some good things with everyone. AND THE SINGING….was really fun too.  Brought back lots of memories of Sunday night services when the singing really rocked the building.  In that smaller auditorium with the tile floors, and using our song books to sing some old favorites—well, it’s a lot of fun.  If your small group isn’t meeting this Sunday night, please consider being here to participate and support our younger brothers who are sharing God’s Word with us.  This week, James Mintz is going to be sharing some thoughts with everyone, and—I think—there is some EATING to be done afterwards too!  A big thanks to Leonard and all the other men in the men’s mentoring group for taking charge of it this year.  There are only three more Sundays left to be part of this—so don’t miss it!

        Today a huge group is gone to Soul Lift.  It includes most of our teen group and a number of adult chaperones.  It’s a tough day at Six Flags, but somebody has to do it.  They are having a huge, combined Sunday morning service there too, and I am sure that it will be an exciting and wonderful memory for all who attend.


        This morning’s lesson is looking at one of the most familiar sections of The Sermon on the Mount.  It’s my part 2 of Awareness of God.  I called it that because of Jesus’ challenge for those seeking God to not allow life’s blessing to become distractions.

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