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April 15, 2018



Today's Lesson :

Give Me Your Feet, John 13:1-17 

Mike Root

From Mike : 

     We all choose standards in our life.  We want to be like someone we admire or respect.  Maybe it was a teacher, an older student at school, or some professional athlete if we’re playing sports.  We have all had times in our life when someone became the standard of what we wanted to be like or look like.  Even if we don’t realize it until we are older, sometimes that person is our mom or dad.  I vividly remember idolizing and imitating a guy who was four grades ahead of me in school, but we were at camp together, and he was so cool and well liked.  He wasn’t a super athlete, but he was friendly, smart, and admired by everyone—and I wanted to be just like him.  I dressed like he did—some, and I even copied some of his moves on the basketball court and did other things like him to the point that people noticed and started calling me by his name.  I acted like I didn’t like it, but I really did.

    Later, when I was just beginning to learn how to preach, I wanted to be just like Jimmy Allen, one of my teachers at Harding and a widely known gospel meeting speaker.  I was introduced several times as “the next Jimmy Allen” and I love it—until I realized that’s not who I was or who God wanted me to be.

    As we enter into our second week of classes and assembly time discussing what it means to be one—even when we are different—we need to choose a standard.  Do we let the world tell us how to deal with our differences or do we choose a higher standard?  I think we know who are standard must be.  Today we talk about what that standard means and how it must drive the way we treat one another.  I want you to meet Joe & Joey Christian.



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