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Oct 26, 2014

Sermon 10/19


Today's Lesson :

Why Pray?

Mike Root

From Mike:

        It’s just a little over four months until we begin our rehearsals for our 2015 Bible Action Musical, and the play is only three months after that.  Because TIME FLIES, and because everyone has plans to make, schedules to keep, and—generally just wants to be informed—I wanted to give you a little FYI as we enter into November this week.  Three things to think about, pray about, and let me know what you think!

1. The tentative dates for our 2015 BA musical are June 4, 5, 6, & 7.  There is NO PERFECT date.  We have graduations, camps, and summer activities to compete with and many need to plan vacation time NOW. So don’t schedule your vacation that week!  Please let me know of any serious conflicts that you know about. Yes, you get Memorial weekend now.

2. I am planning to do some major changing in our rehearsal schedule to prevent so many conflicts with school programs, and to increase our “quality time” for rehearsals.  In March, we will ONLY have the Wednesday night rehearsal from 7 –7:45 to learn praise songs—YES, NO Thursday night 7-9 rehearsals!  In April, we will add a Tuesday night 7-9 rehearsal, and ALL WEDNESDAY night rehearsals will be 7-9.  April & May will be two hours Tuesday & Wednesday nights.  I really think that two quality rehearsals back-to-back will help us greatly. So we are trading March Thursday nights for longer Wednesday nights in April & May.

3. We have always had a rule that all cast members should be out of high school.  Frankly, that was done a long time ago to make sure BA was an adult ministry and didn’t become a Youth Ministry.  That is hardly a concern that I have.  Any High School student, who has parental consent, transportation, and is willing to commit to what we do—is welcome to sign up to be in our cast.  We would be especially happy if they are singers—since it IS a musical.  See me if you have any questions.

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