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Dec 21, 2014



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Represent Jesus

Mike Root

The Christmas Spirit vs God's Spirit

Over the years, a drift has occurred that is so subtle it has become unnoticed.  During this Holiday time, let us look at ways of returning to where God’s people need to be. Some examples:

 Christmas Spirit

· Traveling great distances to be with family

· Looking for that special gift for that special person

· Singing Christmas songs

· Excited about exchanging gifts with each other

· Getting children to bed early - Santa is coming

· Being thankful for family and friends

· Decorating our homes with lights, scents, special dishes, etc.

· Making out our Christmas list

· Relaxing and sharing special memories of past Christmases

· Looking forward to next Christmas

 God’s Spirit

· Not letting small things hinder one from being with God’s family

· Fulfilling that need for my brother or sister

· Singing praise to God

· Excited about what your giving might accomplish in the Kingdom

· Getting children to bed early - tomorrow we will worship God

· Putting family and friends before self

· Preparing to worship God by bringing a Bible, kind words, etc

· Obeying God’s list

· Relaxing and sharing what God has done for you over the years

· Looking forward to next Sunday

As we look and see what a joy Christmas can be, it is a reflection of what God has intended for His family each and every day. May you and your family have a wonderful Holiday filled with blessings, memories and a grateful spirit.

—Ken Fester, Elder

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