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February 7, 2016



Today's Lesson :

Love, The Reason for Church

Mike Root


From Mike:

    Because of some conflicts, the Bible Action lunch and read-through scheduled for March 6th, has been moved up a week to February 28th. We have nothing on the church calendar for that date and no one told me about any other events that might cause a problem -- so it's an easy thing to change -- other than the fact that getting the script and music ready a week earlier puts a little pressure on me and Erika, who will be helping me get it all ready.  Now, for those who just glance at the bulletin:

Bible Action Musical Lunch & Reading


Sunday, February 28th!

    Hopefully, you have noticed the highlighting of one of our ministries each Sunday.  We honored the Room-at-the-Inn Ministry the first Sunday, but it is the only ministry that is ending.  The others are all continuing and growing, and would love to have you be part of what they do.  We did the Family Factory Ministry,  Children's Education, the Health Care Ministry, and today, Bible Action.  These are all opportunities to be involved and be part of a great work.  I hope you are informed about all of these great ministries and the ones yet highlighted, and decide to be part of one or more of them.  Our Love Does classes have been discussing the fact that godly love and service are connected.  We have ministries for a purpose -- to glorify God by doing things in His name.  None of these ministries are "busy-work".  They are all important and all doing a great job.  And, there's more to come!

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