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Feb 22, 2015



Today's Lesson :

Togetherness is Giving, Pt. 4

Mike Root

From Mike:

        You can probably guess where most racism originates in people’s lives.  Most of it comes from families.  We tend to adopt the preferences and prejudices of our immediate family, and have to make a concerted effort if we choose to change.  It’s sad, but if you grow up hearing hateful and prejudicial comments from your parents and siblings, you will have the same mind-set as they do—UNLESS YOU BREAK THE CYCLE AND CHOOSE SOMETHING BETTER!

        The same is true about many doctrinal conclusions we hold.  We like to tell ourselves that we have these conclusions based on our honest and diligent searching of God’s Word, but the truth is, someone taught us what to believe, showed us a proof-text to support it, and we connected with others who were taught just like we were.  It’s as hard to change those conclusions sometimes as it is to change the way we were brought up.

        It’s difficult to look at things you’ve always been taught—and maybe taught yourself—and decide it was bad biblical interpretation.  I’ve had to unravel nearly everything I was ever taught about worship, church, and the assembly of God’s people.  So little of what I was taught, and taught others, is based on solid and honest interpreting of scripture.  Most of it was restating what was taught, and feeling superior about having it figured out.  Most of it was based on tradition, culture, and redefining Catholicism rather than truly confronting why what we do looks different from what they did in the New Testament.  It’s not about being right or wrong so much as it is about being honest, consistent, humble, and hungry to understand God’s will.

        In 1 Corinthians 14, we have another ‘sacred cow’ in our church doctrines that presently is probably the #1 hot button among our churches nationwide.  Did Paul really intend for us to understand that women can only talk and ask questions at home?  Was he stating a law for all time and eternity?  Are we interpreting the meaning and the context accurately, or was he dealing with a cultural problem?  Did they understand it as a law or an application of another principle?

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