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Sep 28, 2014



Today's Lesson :

Stewards of Our Souls

Mike Root

From Mike:

        PRAYER31 begins this Wednesday!  We are devoting the entire month of October to praying for our country and just improving our prayer life in general.  Before you leave this morning, be sure to pick up a copy of the PRAYER ATLAS.  Take one per family, or—if you want or need it—one for each person who wants one.  Any teen that wants their own copy—and will really use it—please take one.  It is a neat little booklet that simply gives us one area of our country to pray for each day, along with two of our states.  There is also either a passage of scripture or a quote from someone (sometimes both) that you can reflect on and pray about.  DON’T MAKE IT A BURDEN—JUST GIVE IT THE COUPLE MINUTES IT TAKES TO TALK TO GOD ABOUT EACH DAY’S PRAYER ITEMS!  On Sunday, when we are all together, we will stay on schedule by praying for that day’s prayer subjects.

        As part of our emphasis on prayer during October, I will be presenting a series of lessons about praying.  If you truly desire a relationship with God, you must understand the importance of communicating with him!  As I have said so many times, there is no relationship without communication.  Just talking with God is our most important act of faith.  Because we do it, he is real, and he is present.  If you haven’t developed a good prayer life, your religion is about others not God!  Being a good person and doing good things is great—but it’s not how a relationship with God is built.

        Prayer is a God-given tool to help us draw close to him.  It’s not a Sunday-morning-act-of-worship, it’s what a person who loves God does— “without ceasing”.  Lord willing, we will talk some about the “how” of prayer.  To begin with, we need to start thinking about “talking” to God—not just praying to God!

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