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Sep 21, 2014



Today's Lesson :

Stewards of Our Church Family 

Mike Root

From Mike:

        October is going to be an exciting month.  I will be introducing something very special this morning that we want every member to participate in for the whole month.  It’s an experience that will guide us into a deeper appreciation of our nation, but even more importantly, a deeper understanding of prayer.  These are very anxious times for our country, and we all want what is best for America, but we know that the most important element in that desire is God’s help.  We are going to participate in a nationwide 31 day journey of prayer.  It’s called Pray31, and it’s about all of us praying for our nation, its leaders, our military, and our future.  Next week we will be handing out our guide for the journey, the Pray31 Prayer Atlas.  In it is something very specific to pray about each day.  The Pray31 experience will only take 5 minutes per day, and the Prayer Atlas will keep the focus distinct—so we don’t get in a rut.  Pray31 will take place over the 31 days of October, and we will remember it each Sunday, as we together pray about that day’s focus.

        I am planning to present a short series of lessons during October about prayer.  We all know that prayer is a central element in our walk with God, but sometimes we really don’t know the How, When, and Why of prayer.  It truly is the one subject we can’t talk too much about.  Remember, there is no relationship without communication, and prayer is how we communicate with God.  It’s not ONE thing to think about, it’s an ESSENTIAL thing to do!

        Please begin praying about our Pray31 experience for October.  It’s a great idea to pray rather than complain about our nation.  Something HAS to happen when that many of God’s people are praying about the same thing.  So get ready, get excited, and get busy praying that God will use this experience to strengthen us and do things we can’t even imagine!

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