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January 22, 2017



Today's Lesson :

Mark: The Good News (12:13-17)

Mike Root


From Mike:        

    Can you believe that January of 2017 is nearly over? Why do I feel like all the Christmas decorations that just got put away will be coming right back out next week—or so?  We are already on the third week of our thirteen week study of Worthless VIP/Grace classes.  I have been hearing wonderful comments from many folks about how much they are enjoying the discussions, and I’ve been hearing folks just doing a lot more talking about grace in general.  I love to hear people excited about grace.  As I have said many times, grace isn’t about license—it’s about motivation.  God’s wondrous grace not only defines who I am but what I do—and why I do it! Please keep on participating, praying, and promoting this wonderful church-wide study.  Remember, it’s not only the theme of our class, but it is the theme for 2017, so we will be talking about it and referring to it for—well, even after we bring the Christmas decorations back out!

    Time will get away from all of us.  I am writing this year’s Bible Action Musical now, and all the annual things that are part of pulling that off in June are rapidly approaching.  Just to make sure that you have an EARLY heads up about our plans, here are some dates to remember.

Bible Action Musical 2017 Working Schedule (for now):

Feb. 5th, presentation of this year’s play and beginning of casting.

Feb. 26th, the casting list will be posted outside the office

Mar. 5th, Bible Action lunch and read through of the script

Mar. 8th, our first Wed. rehearsals begin (7– 7:45)

April 5th & 6th, Wed. & Thurs. rehearsal begin (7-9)

May 10th, Everyone off BOOK (Ouch! Yes a new plan!)

May 26th—May 30, More rehearsals as needed (TBD)

May 31st, Dress Rehearsal

June 1, 2, 3, & 4, Performances of the Musical

June 7th, Dismantling of set and clean up

June 8th, Cast Party, Video of the play, & last circle of fellowship

Please see me if you have any questions about the play, the schedule, or how you can participate. Just don’t ask about which story it is! 

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