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May 21, 2017



Today's Lesson :

Broken Values: Marriage

From Mike:     


    The sign up sheets to help with the play are on a table in the hallway by the office.  So few of us pass by the Welcome Center any more that it takes a special trip to go over there and sign up for things.  The hallway leads to the exit door most members leave by.  So as you walk past it this morning, please sign up to help with being a Greeter or helping with the Registration.  Greeters man the doors, welcome our guests, and hand out the play programs.  Registration workers cover the two tables (one in the foyer and one in front of the office) where visitors fill out registration cards to receive a free DVD of the play.  Every year I have to draft folks to help because of not having enough volunteers to help or someone who signed up didn’t show up.  We need your help with this if you can give one or more evenings during the play to volunteer.  Of course, every member is truly a greeter.  When we invite our neighbors into our place, every member of the family is a host.  Help us greet and welcome every person who shows up.  Thank them for attending.  Ask them if they need any help or need to know where something is—like the restrooms or water fountain—and invite them to come back and visit with us on Sunday sometime.  That’s what good hosts do!

    Also—we still need folks to sign up to help with finger foods for the cast and crew on Thursday and Friday evening.  This is a huge help for those who have to miss dinner to be here so early for the play.  Please sign up if you can bring something.  The sheet is on the same table as the Greeter and Registration sign-ups.  If you can help, please go by and sign up.  Thanks to all who choose to help.

    There are still plenty of the door hangers to be passed out.  Please help us promote this great work of our church family by putting out door hangers on your street or block or entire neighborhood.  Just go for a walk, place one on each door, and get the word out that your church family is doing something they will really enjoy seeing.  If you want to hire out the job—like I have to do—I’m sure we can find some young people who want to make a little extra money.  A lot of door hangers can be placed in an hour or so.  Let me know, and I’ll ask for workers.

P. S.  I know were you can find a great graduation gift.  My office or Mikerootbooks.com.

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