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October 23, 2016



Today's Lesson :

Mark: The Good News (18)

Mike Root


From Mike:        

    We all have many pivotal turning points in our life that change us and make us who we are.  Things like getting a Driver's License, graduating from High School and College, job opportunities, marriage, children, as well as achievements and set-backs.  These impact our life!  They mold us into better—more mature people!  Even those set-backs, as much as we don’t like them and seek to avoid them, make us who we are.  That’s what life is all about!  We wouldn’t be normal human beings if we didn’t have those normal turning points in our life.

    There are also spiritual turning points in our life.  Things that help us move on to the next step of a deeper walk with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  That’s what spiritual life is all about!  My life has been seriously impacted by spiritual events, like a retreat, a conference, a class, or a special study.  It has also been impacted by some serious challenges that included successes, victories, accomplishments, peak experiences—but also failures, rejections, disappointments, and hurt.  I didn’t like the latter, but truth be told, they probably did more to deepen my spiritual walk than the former.

    With all these spiritual and physical turning points in our life, sooner or later the most important turning point of all MUST TAKE PLACE!  That “most important turning point” is when we personally, confidently, and honestly realize and proclaim that Jesus is Lord and Savior of our life!  He is the real deal in our life.  Not just talk, not just borrowed theology, and not just fitting in with those who I want to be around.  He IS the real deal and our faith in Him MUST be the real deal.  That is what Jesus challenges his apostles with in our text this morning.  He asked them for an honest evaluation of who they thought He was!  It was time to find the “bottom line” and find out exactly where they stood.  What would you have said if Jesus asked you “Who do you say I am?”  Get ready for Mark 8:27– 30.


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