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February 19, 2017



Today's Lesson :

Mark: The Good News (Mark 12:35-44)

Mike Root


From Mike:       

    I have always been intimidated by the challenge to understand what it means that "God is love."  It's three simple words and it seems like it should be simple to understand, but we know better.  God's love is the reason behind creation.  It is the reason he did so many different things to give mankind an opportunity to be in a relationship with him.  The ultimate expression of God's love is seen in the death of his only son on the cross for each of  us.  All of that is anything but simple to completely comprehend.  In theory, yes...maybe...but in terms of a relationship journey, it's complex and intimidating.  Why?  Not because he is difficult to comprehend as much as it's difficult for us to honestly and consistently seek after him.  We keep swinging from one extreme to another.  We either seek to know him - or prove our knowledge of him, by keeping all the rules.  It's called legalism.  OR, we tend to develop a permissive, grand-father attitude about God that allows us to feel better about our sins and lack of authenticity.  It's called universalism or relativism or several other types of -ism that simply says "I'm not so bad!" Can we afford to think like that?  Remember Paul's words in Romans 6 - "God forbid!"

Both extremes are wrong, but that is also why our present study is so important.  God's grace is the expression of God's love.  His grace doesn't give us permission to be legal eagles or Prodigals, but it is applied to all seekers on the spectrum from one end to the other.  When we understand how incredible his love/grace is, we MUST run from law and permissiveness and seek to please him.  Keep on the journey!  Yes, we will continue to bounce around between the two extremes until we quit trying to be righteous on our own.  His grace is sufficient for us all.  Even Paul struggled with learning that (2 Cor. 12).

Please continue to use our class discussions and private studying to understand God - by understanding his grace.  He is the only One who can make the Worthless a VIP!



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