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April 13, 2014



Today's Lesson

Blessed Are Those Who Hunger & Thrist

Mike Root

From Mike:

        My wife accuses me of “eating by the clock” because I tend to  want lunch and supper at about the same time every day—regardless of whether or not I’m actually hungry.  My theory is that if it’s the right time, you ought to be hungry.  I’m actually not as set on that as I used to be, and I’ve learned to wait or even skip a meal if I’m not hungry.  Still, it shows me how blessed we are that we really don’t have ANY hunger issues in our life.  We have plenty of resources at our disposal and adequate funds to insure that we—not only don’t GO hungry—but we tend to partake a little more than we should.  Add to that the beauty of having all the fresh and clean water that we ever need and it’s a little difficult for us to identify with Jesus’ call for us to “hunger and thirst”.  He used hunger and thirst metaphorically to address desire.  Righteousness is not just something to appreciate, admire, and dabble in, it’s something we need to deeply desire—like a person needing, wanting, and desiring food, or something to drink.  Have you ever wanted righteousness that badly?  It’s hard to identify with a hunger drive when we haven’t had to ever miss a meal, or to know what real thirst is when we are surrounded by good, drinkable water wherever we go.  It makes me wonder if Jesus were making the same point today, he might use Smart phones or TVs in the place of hunger and thirst.  We certainly seem to have a strong desire for them, but righteousness…?

        It doesn’t help that “righteousness” is one of those “big religious words” that we’ve all heard a lot, but which doesn’t seem to have any relevancy to our life.  Righteousness is God declaring us right—even when we aren’t, can’t, and never will be.  It’s literally “being right,” but hopefully by his grace and not our selfishness or even others’ judgments.  Yes, it’s worth getting hungry for.

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