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May 1, 2016



Today's Lesson :

Nehemiah: Building Integrity 4

Mike Root


From Mike:

    The musical is next month!  We have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks, but we need your help.  Please help us advertise.  The tickets are easy to hand out and the Door Hangers are available starting today.  They are another easy way to help spread the word about the play.  Just hang one on someone’s door and walk away.  You don’t even have to talk to anyone!  Please consider putting one on every house on your street or block.  If you want to expand your neighborhood, feel free to place door hanger advertisements on as many houses as you’d like to.  Do your entire development if you can.  Please remember two rules:  (1) Please do not put anything in a mail box.  (2) Please do not disperse door hangers in apartment buildings without first getting permission from the managerEven if you live there.  Thank you for helping to promote this year’s play.  In a couple of weeks or so, I will have some sign up sheets out in the foyer for you to sign to help us with Greeting, Ushering, and Registration during the play.  These are very important jobs because they are where our members connect with and help our visitors. Greeters hand out the programs and welcome each person, while the ushers help them find seats, or exit safely during the show, and keep the doors closed so the outside light doesn’t disturb the audience or cast.  The folks who help at the registration table assist people in signing up to receive a free DVD of the play, and at the end, help handout the coloring books to the children.  We will also have sign up sheets for those who can help provide some finger-food snacks for the cast on the first two nights of the play, when many come to the building straight from work and have to skip dinner.

    There are always a lot of members who help with the play, but never set foot on the stage.  You are support people, and we couldn’t do this special ministry without you.  Thanks for signing up to help.

    Did you notice the request last Sunday in my article for everyone to mark July 30th on their calendars for a special event?  We are still working on the details and cost, but that special event is a dinner to honor and thank Jerry and Cathy for twenty years of ministry with this church family.  We are looking at having it catered if we can afford it, so that NO ONE will have to miss the program to serve or clean up—and also so that it will be a high quality dinner.  We will try to keep the cost reasonable, but we want this to be special.  It’s for two special people and those who want to be part of it will not let a reasonable cost for food deter them.  More to come soon.

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