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July 31, 2016

Sermon 7/24


Today's Lesson :

Mark: The Good News (6) Mk. 3:20-35

Mike Root


From Mike:

    I have been blessed to be partners in the gospel with some incredible men and women.  Some of my co-workers became some of my best friends, and I am deeply thankful for that friendship and all the shared memories.  Twelve years ago this November, when Donna and I came to Florissant for a visit and to be interviewed for the position of preacher here, one of the very first people we met was Jerry Williamson.  I’d talked on the phone with Cary Paul and John Worth, but hadn’t had any personal contact with anyone from this church family—and you always wonder what kind of folks you’re about to meet.  Jerry’s smiling face and energetic personality immediately impressed both of us, and we enjoyed getting to know him and Cathy from the first minute we met.

    Praise the Lord this isn’t a memorial eulogy article, like the last two bulletin articles—but a “Thank You Father” article for allowing Jerry and Cathy to minister to this church family for over twenty years.  In those years, several generations of teens have been impacted by their spiritual guidance and leadership.  Those who participated and got involved in the Youth Ministry had yearly challenges and opportunities to grow in Christ and to learn to love others in the group.  Scores of young people are children of God today because of Jerry’s teaching and guiding, and hundreds are closer to God, and will never be the same because of him.  What I admire most about Jerry is that HE NEVER STOPPED GROWING HIMSELF!  That is a sign of someone who truly seeks a closer relationship with Jesus.  Over those twenty years of ministry, Jerry has grown and matured and continued to be an amazing Christ-like example to our kids and to all of us.  He has been here so long that our kids have grown up, married, and begun their own families.  And since he has been our worship leader for so many years, I don’t think any of us think of him as only our Youth Minister, but simply as one of our ministers.  I consider Jerry to be my associate minister, able to do anything, help anyone, and step in for any situation—because he can and he’s accepted and loved by everyone.

    By the time you see this we will have spent Saturday evening fellowshipping, feasting, and sharing to honor Jerry and Cathy for twenty years of service to this family.  We will spend time “roasting” them—because we love them, and then presenting them with a very special gift—because we love them.  It is my prayer that God will bless us all with many more years of their presence with us.  We love you Jerry and Cathy. 

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