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December 10, 2017



Today's Lesson :

When Deep Calls To Deep

Jerry Williamson

From Mike : 

    By the time you see this, Donna and I will be in the middle of our anniversary vacation. It is a little hard to get my head around what it means to have been married forty-five years. I can’t possibly be old enough for that to have happened! Not only that—but it has literally been a blink of the eye! Forty-five years, three amazing adult children and three equally amazing in-law spouses, and best of all, ten beautiful grandchildren! How did that all happen so fast?

    To be honest, trying to grasp all that pales to insignificance in the light of how I have been allowed to share four and a half decades with the most special person to have ever come into my life. How often in life have we esteemed someone highly, only to discover with time and familiarity that they are not the person we thought they were? When we discover the “real person” we are often disappointed. After forty-five years with Donna, I know the “real” Donna, and she is everything she seems to be and more. She is the kindest and most loving person I’ve ever known. She wouldn’t say a mean or hurtful thing about anyone if you held a gun to her head. What amazes me the most about her is her natural and consistent desire to be a servant. She doesn’t just accept what she’s given or asked to do—she looks for ways to be a servant. She does things for people on a daily basis, that are never heard about or known by others—because that’s not why she does it. I’ve known some spiritual giants, who wowed me with their abilities, humbled me with their knowledge of scripture, and made be envious of their spiritual maturity. I know of no one, now or in my past, who has done a more complete job of showing me Jesus in their life than Donna has. Yes, she’s an amazing wife, mother, and Nana—excuse me—Super Nana, but she’s clueless to the fact that she’s the light of Jesus to me.

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